The lack of physical fitness

I am around younger people a lot more lately due to a new job, and what is surprising the more I look at it is not the amount of obese (which seems to hit girls more than guys) but a general lack of fitness period.

I feel like I was about the last of the kids who still played outside, so those born in the mid to late 80s, internet/phones etc werent coming online big until highschool.  Sure we played videogames somewhat but it was mostly social like goldeneye parties and in general going outside a lot.

Parks lie completely silent and dead.  A park by my house was once green and we played soccer there, now its not watered anymore, I guess because no one used it.  Most kids these days their activities revolve ENTIRELY around the internet.  Snapchat, facebook etc etc.  Being young most have fast metabolism, so as a result its a huge wave of kids that are simply weak and skinny.

As a related side, the differences in race are pretty real, I recently had to spend some time at a high school and it was hard to not laugh outloud at what I was seeing.  The blacks looked like 25 years old, huge, tall and imposing all wearing dewrags.  You had the meek asians and whites.  The mexicans tend to develop fast as far as their females went.  It was pretty crazy, I’ve talked before about estrogen in the water, but seeing girls around 18 look fully developed was disturbing to say the least.  But this seemed generally isolated to those of Spanish/mexican ancestry.