Latest ‘hate speech’ thats illegal in South Caroline: Israel

At this point it is hard to deny how much power (((gods chosen))) wield among us goyim, in some sections of europe you can be jailed for certain remarks and it looks like we are heading that way.  In south carolina there is now a law that any criticism of israel is now a jailable offense.

So much for free speech.  I would be curious how anyone could try to justify that this is ok that CRITICIZING A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT is somehow a bad thing?

3 thoughts on “Latest ‘hate speech’ thats illegal in South Caroline: Israel

  1. Given the NSA live fire active shooter drill using Dylan Roof as a cover for the hoax to get southern confederate symbols removed, I’m not surprised by this in the least.

  2. It’s not hard to say at all, EK. You thought I was joking with the eternal “Murka is a Police State run by and for minos” mantra.

    Whites SERVE jews. They are our masters.

    WNs in the old days used to predict EU and Canada style hate laws coming here to the Land of Freedom. Doesn’t matter though. Freedom, muh Constitution, liberty are all dead.

    I won’t stop in any case. I wouldn’t mind being in prison with my bros. Tired of being a wagecuck and paying their damn bills.

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