New Murdoch episode – Pretty good

I really like Murdoch Murdoch, its funny and between the lines is a very harsh criticism of zion control as well as railing against nihilism.  This new video is long at 30 min, but it is very entertaining with the whole ‘hero quest’ motif.  I was inspired at one point of the movie.


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6 thoughts on “New Murdoch episode – Pretty good

  1. “there is no known cure for Murdoch Chan’s fever, but the cure for Murdoch’s yellow fever is a bullet.” Lolz

      • I like that too. The lead-in, where the blonde kid yells “will you niggers shut the fuck up!”

        Rumor is, Murdoch love the Eurythmics. I spent some time looking into this. Yeah, he knows the 1980s was the last white decade too.

        • Is that lead in a reference to anything?

          But yeah, the song was a clear throwback to 80s/early 90s, only those were were alive then would understand how different it is now.

          • I remember “something like” it EK. Seems real familiar. Its on the tip of my tongue.

            I call WNs faggots and niggers all the time. He must do it too.

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