Patrick Little – An anti-ZOG candidate for California

Only recently made aware of this guy, and its going to be a source of some good keks.

Patrick Little is a candidate for the USA senate race in California, running as a republican, and openly against the jews.  As a result he has zero percent chance of truly winning, but it is illustrative for a few reasons.

Many of the (((alt-right leaders))) are mysteriously silent about him.  I have talked before here and here about how the supposed leaders are pretty much everything the alt right stands against.  Such as anglin being a pretty obvivous honeypot or at the very least a race mixer, then people like gavin mcinnes who is a gay, or milo who is a gay jew.  Real alt-righty…

Regardless, Mr Little has some serious cog dissonance he is bringing to the public: he apparently was a Marine, really needs to play that angle.

Wants to finish off slavery reparations -using israel aid money

wants to try terraforming mars

wants to reduce jew politician and judge count to their population levels (aka about 1-2%)

Again, I dont know much about him, maybe he is a plant himself, but he is leading the republican party, and if he wins goes against (((feinstein))) which could be a pretty legit source of keks.


6 thoughts on “Patrick Little – An anti-ZOG candidate for California

  1. Pat Little? Too little too late. There is already a modern example of what happens when one man tries to take on (((the tribe))) all by himself. Look up Brendan O’ Connel of Australia.

  2. I hadn’t even heard of him, except now.

    The movement isn’t what it once was. Prob was the purest in the 1980s. Murka is no longer a white country. It is very hard to parse out all the jews, gooks, spics, and 1/8th niggers.

    Purity is an ideal we can work towards, but very few have it today. (And those who do, would be accused of being an agent.)

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