When everyone is on drugs, are the drug-free going to be disadvantaged?

An interesting thought I have been thinking about with how much drug use (medical, nor recreational) is being hoisted upon the populace is this: at some point in the near future will the hyper-medicated essentially be at an advantage over the drug-free?

To be clear, I am NOT talking about conventional ‘recreational’ drugs like mushrooms, pot etc that at least overtly appear to do nothing but have deleterious effects on the person.  I am referring more to people not being able to feel pain, tranqulizing their depression away, or even more directly things like ritalin and other ADD meds that give near super-human focus to the user.

It pissed me off in college where kids on the ADD meds could sit there and study intently for hours on end.  There was a good drug trade at the time, I think a single pill went for 5-10$, probably even more now, but people would swear by them ‘studying was just so interesting man’.

Regardless, what happens to those people who dont feel pain, have hyper-focus, etc compared to the ‘normie/drug free’ of us?

Related is an anime called sword of the stranger where the main guy (and the main bad guy) are the only ones who dont take a drug that prevents the feeling of pain, pretty redpilled overall.

7 thoughts on “When everyone is on drugs, are the drug-free going to be disadvantaged?

  1. You know what the strongest drug is? The blue pill. It gives you superhuman extroversion, increases your tolerance to BS by 500%, increases your consumption by 300% and wraps you in a cozy warm blanket of self-satisfied mellowness and materialism. It just makes life so much nicer.
    It is very addictive though and has horrible side effects which include: inability to trust your own mind, inability to talk about anything interesting, lack of initiative, depression, nihilism and self destruction.

  2. Surely there must be side effects from said ADD drugs. So, they might have a short term advantage, but then the side effects kick in and they’re fucked.

  3. Thanks for the reco. I’ll check that anime out.

    We are living in Soylent Murka. If you aren’t on a pharmecuetical drug, you are away from the norm. Hell, if you don’t drink coffee, you are plain weird.

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