MGTOW, Sleeping Beauty, and the general slide of society

Society does a remarkably good job at convincing us that ‘things are getting better all the time’ when in fact things are pretty shitty.  I remember a youtube video from some guy named amazng athetist, he reminds me of a reddit faggot, but his point was pretty solid when he was saying about how society act like we are the most enlightened period to have ever existed in history.  Of course it was sarcasm, but it made me question the veneer of just how laughable we actually are.  Walk down any major street and try to earnestly convince yourself we are in some sort of utopia or highlight of human history.

Long time readers may know that I was part of the MGTOW movement near its infancy (damn, what was that, like early 2010s?) and for the most part it was a fairly legit movement that these days is largely co-opted and pretty pathetic.  This post is not to bash MGTOW, so much as a large saying from there went along the lines of ‘if you want prince charming, you better be a princess’.  MGTOW hate women to be blunt, and the reality is 90%+ of women deserve scorn, having rode the wave of cultural marxism contributing little to society’s advancement, but to go NAWALT for a minute, things were not always like that.

I came across an old children’s book, Sleeping Beauty, having not read it in over 20 years.  I was blown away by of course white protagonists, a ‘hot’ main female lead, a brave/strong male and of course the whole ‘rescue the damsel in distress’.   Its ironic because cultural marxism has destroyed nearly every one of these things now – men shouldn’t be strong, women shouldnt be judged for looks, and why the fuck are you saving me misogynist?

It’s really sad, because THIS IS HOW THE SEXES ARE.  Men are designed to want to sacrifice and save the woman, and a woman SHOULD want to be loyal,caring and eventually have kids with a guy.  Instead we get this shithole where men are wrong for even acting on instincts.

Reading the story was like a weird time capsule to another timeline, when things made sense, when little girls envisioned a brave guy fighting for them, not some male-hating propaganda they get in college now.

I’ve seen a very strong change in society just in my life, it is absolutely sad how shitty it has become.  We got a long way to fall, but maybe we got a long way to go back up if we ever decide to re-embrace virtues.

12 thoughts on “MGTOW, Sleeping Beauty, and the general slide of society

  1. Truth. Sleeping Beauty was made in the 1940s, right? That era is far removed from today, almost like going to another planet. Centuries of progress have been lost, not just decades.

    There was a store a few years back EK, about how old childrens books were being eliminated or purged. If you have a chance, you have to save them.

  2. “… not some male-hating propaganda they get in college now.” It’s not just college, that shit has been pushed on K through 12 as well since back in 1980’s. It’s just more in your face now because of the internet.

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  4. I find it interesting how men nowadays are so much smarter in a way than men in the past yet at the same time so much more detached and further from truth. Men can nowadays solve 2nd grade equations, they know physics, they know programming which requires solid logical and rational thinking while back in the day most couldn’t even read and write. And yet despite all those advances the modern man gets cucked by women, he orbits thots, he marries used up sluts and seems unable to just see the simple truth that’s right in front of him.

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