How long will the Alt-Right still believe Trump?

I suppose the title is a bit of a bait, because if there is one thing about the alt-right is that they tend to be much more intellectually honest and will see through trump much faster than cuckservatives – the real people who will believe Turmp until the end.

It is stunning people can in general be ‘smart’ yet fail to let go of their illusions that ‘maybe the guy I voted for is just a corporate stooge’ and instead have endless bullshit about ‘its the democrats stopping him!” ‘his own party sold him out!” etc etc

I liked Trump at first with his racist remarks about mexicans etc, I was on the trump train way way before anyone (he was still 1000 to 1 when I took him) and even I can admit I ‘woke up’ pretty fast. From the syria missiles strikes, to no wall, to no daca, to of course this massive budget he signed its all the same.  Just same old bush/obama et al.

How stupid can you be that ‘huh huh its 4d chess!’ He had a chance to really push the agenda and show the country how corrupt the deep state is (hmm maybe he is part of it…) yet ‘ill get you next time you rascals!” type of rhetoric.  He could have taken to the news for a bully pulpit and really pushed the point ‘2000 pages and no wall and more debt!’

In other news the military got 60 billion ABOVE what they got last year, I also heard rumblings of increased training and vast promotions, it sure seems like we are going to war.

4 thoughts on “How long will the Alt-Right still believe Trump?

  1. I knew from the get go that Trump was a shill and liar. How? His entire life is surrounded and controlled by jews. I said in Aug 2015 he would be the R candidate and shortly thereafter I knew he would be the POTUS because he was whispering everything whites wanted to hear (no matter how much he also kow towed to the jews). I never fell for a single lie.

    In reality, this was all obvious from the beginning.

  2. WNs are so desperate for some kind of victory, that they will lie to themselves to get one.

    Roissy / CH / Vox Day have been promoting a sort of worship of Trump. That we should trust him, no matter what, he is the God Emperor who is playing 4D Wormhole chess.

    It isn’t easy to admit you’ve been conned and hoodwinked.

    They say that its easy to con a high IQ person. The smart can lie to themselves and ignore the evidence of the senses.

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