Avoid plastics as nearly all of them leech estrogen

One thing to be aware of is your own health is ALWAYS in your own hands because in America corporations only care about your money, not your health.  This is why you see things like high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, and transfats in nearly 90% of food despite all of them being demonstrable hazardous to your health.

Plastics are touted as a wonder material, and ‘healthy’ ones will be labeled “BPA Free” because they do not contain a specific molecule.  However, I was recently made aware of the fact that (perhaps unsuprisingly) the plastic lobby hides that a vast majority of plastics leech materials that can be even worse as far as endocrine disruptions go.  These can be estrogen, cancer-causing or anything else.

I have talked about this before with women having bigger breasts when they are mere teens, and guys who are more and more effeminate.



Here is a good but long read about how the plastic industry stamps out anyone talking about how dangerous they are: https://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/03/tritan-certichem-eastman-bpa-free-plastic-safe/

As an aside I wonder if the elites know this, or have special food etc that does not possess this, or are they going to go down with us?  Trump and jared both look soft and weak so perhaps they had too much HFC and estrogen themselves.

8 thoughts on “Avoid plastics as nearly all of them leech estrogen

  1. I agree. There seems to be visible difference between “men” today and men in the past. Our test levels today are 1/4 or 1/3 of what they were in the past.

    No wonder whites are so passive – they have the testosterone levels of an old man, or a young girl.

    I remember a time when “most” bottles were made of glass, in the late 1980s. No or very little bottled water. Then, it seemed like people began paying money for water, and we thought this was strange. Then everything switched to plastic bottles of water. Today it’d be hard to find a glass bottle at all.

    I think ((( they )))) know. Young boys today just don’t look healthy.

  2. Masculine females and effeminate males are very unstable biological weapons. A dull mass does not think eternally and a demonic “default elite” only thinks “singularly” in the power of redundancy. In other words, the agents of chaos are at an advantage AS unstable biological weapons randomly dispersed throughout the population unbeknownst to anyone other than the pinnacle players of the Profiling State.

    The best a white man can do is surveil his own environment for these human weapons of mass destruction and be prepared to take decisive action in those situations where one’s autonomy has attached to it a certain liability.

    So one can go no plastic and suffer the immediate economic consequence of less time and less money now FOR MAYBE a more extended masculine life later?

    Choosing which fight to go all in is critical to a wS. Immortality is for slaying Evil. (Q)uality > (q)uantity.

  3. Para-sights dominate the Degenerate Scene.

    Peeping Evil is self-annihilating.

    Transcending the self-annihilating degeneracy of the para-sights requires de-vine vision. A cyst-stem destruction. And unravelIng of psychological tentacles knotted like mud clots between the spiritual synapses of a celled-out white man.

  4. Girls are starting their periods in second grade. Boy have boobs before fifth grade. My kids have had organic dairy since they were very young on the advice of a friend of mine who warned that non-organic milk comes from cattle that are pumped w hormones to make them lactate like crazy. My kids dodged early periods & boy boobs. My boys are shitlords. Thank God.

    If the plastic doesnt get you, the dairy will. Pay a little extra for your kids.

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