Truth about Gun Control

I find the talk about (((gun control))) a rather interesting gambit they continue to run, which is unfortunately very effective.  The reality is we do not have a gun problem, but rather a cultural/pharma problem.

There are countries which huge amounts of gun ownership and nearly zero shootings, namely Switzerland.  They happen to all be white as well, which our diversity certainly isn’t our strength.

The whole ‘do it for the kids’ and meanwhile we have these heavily coached little faggots running around on tv about ‘I was so scared!” ‘when are we going to get serious about guns?’  I know it should not have to be said, but these are KIDS – we do not let them vote for a reason, why the fuck would we let them dictate policy?

I am not sure if it is narcissism or some disconnect with reality, but what the hell is wrong with kids that when a shooting starts, the FIRST FUCKING THING THEY DO IS PULL OUT A PHONE TO RECORD IT.  ‘This will get me so many likes on (((facebook)))!’  Literally reminds me of R-selected nigs who also have the calmness of seeing death on their friends enough to pull out phones and record it.

Of course the media will not tell you things about how MOST gun violence is black on black  or black on white in inner cities with 9mm pistols.  That doesnt suit the narrative.

How come no one talks about the absolute lack of any culture we have any more?  The pervasive anomie that renders little reason to contribute at all to this society.

People ask ‘how could he do this?’  How about what about our culture or all the anti-depressants people are on, what sort of effects this has on the people?

A gun was never the problem, he was in a target rich environment with a ‘big scary assault weapon’ and only killed 17, it was pathetic when viewed from this angle.  You can get just as many kills with a truck or way more with a bomb.

It never is about guns preventing violence, it is ALL about getting guns out of white middle class males, because do you think for a second if gun control happens the upper class wont be protected by fully auto guns?  The proles like you and me will be left in the wasteland getting murdered while the gated communities wil be protected by males with fully auto uzis/assualt rifles.

THAT is the truth of gun control, ask yourself, ‘for one second do I believe the upper class types will NOT be protected by heavy firearms?’ of course not.


5 thoughts on “Truth about Gun Control

  1. Gun control is about USG fear of the MOG (Mountain of Guns).

    They still have vague memories of 1776. Of course, only white men did that. But the memory is strong enough even today.

    They have little to fear. The real pain will come when the guns are gone. THEN you will see the gulags here.

    They’ll get the guns eventually. People are now too stupid. They’ll turn their schools into prisons (for safeeettttttyyyyyyyyy).

      • That’s FP’s thing, not mine. He would insist I give proper credit.

        He calls them elite enclaves. Manhattan, Palo Alto, Hawaii, Monaco.

        Monaco is home to the international super-rich. I heard that everyone there made their money illegitimately, so they look out for one another. Apparently many people have security guard entourages.

        It would be interesting to visit New Zealand’s South Island. All the billionaires are buying land there when things go bad. But who will staff their mansions or deliver pizzas?

        • Yeah, I saw that too, the NZ is the new bunker location for the ultra rich. I see a lot of that in the rocky mountains when I travel, aspen etc. Guess they dont really think about all the good olboys still living up there with their rifles.

          • Those good old boys don’t matter. They can’t GAWI. The cops have the elite’s back.

            It’s not the gun that matters, it is the mind. And that technology is on the decline.

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