Crypto and Stock market crash

Crypto currency has been pounded for the last month.  Bitcoin reached 18,000$ which is utterly insane, but it kept the rest of the market up.  It started crashing hard, and in 3 weeks, all of crypto is around 60-70% was lost.

Now the stock market has lost a mere 11% or something but it is the worst week since 2008.  2008 was a very bad year, it was when the economy essentially crashed and everything froze.  I tried finding  job around then and you couldn’t.

We will see if the two of them are related, or if crypto was just a correction and if there is a flight from ‘real’ money.


1 thought on “Crypto and Stock market crash

  1. I think its all a scam, bro. Never invest in a racket you don’t fully understand.

    Just like Lucy and Charlie Brown, she pulls out the football….again…and again….

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