Latest history revision: black washing the founding of the USA (Hamilton)

I despise modern (((entertainment))) but was recently I had to suffer through a musical named ‘Hamilton’ which is about our founding fathers.  It is tough to talk about it without seeing the very apparent flaws and blackwashing of our history.  At its root the musical talks about the revolution and how Hamilton was intrumental, portraying him in a very favorable light.

Here’s a picture of the founding fathers.

The entire musical is told in a rap battle between the people.  In case you can’t tell NEARLY EVERYONE in the play is black or some type of minority – all while representing our WHITE founding fathers.

Hamilton is portrayed very sympathetically, including many lines about ‘immigrants get things done’, replete with profanity across the musical.

Hamilton was in reality:

an immigrant

a banker stooge

schooled at a jewish school

essentially the first major banker that helped set up the fucked up banking system that has enslaved us.

Regardless, while the play is interesting from a historical perspective, it proceeds as a straight CIA psyop, the only major white character is the King of england who is portrayed as a little bitch.  Other than that we have these blacks jumping around hollering about ‘revolting’ and somehow being our founding fathers.

All you need to do is look at the picture to know what is the latest out of the the cultural marxism.



5 thoughts on “Latest history revision: black washing the founding of the USA (Hamilton)

  1. Damn! Did a mino hold you up and make you sit through that thing?

    Naaa, must have been a girl! LOL

    I bet it was funny. A pack of groids hooting and hollering, in white man’s clothes sheeeeeetttttt.

  2. It’s the antithesis of the “black face.” “We” should call it the “white clothed.” “White clothed” is the performative contradiction (h/t Dr. Bertonneau) of a modern “black” male attempting to portray a “white Founding Father.” One can witness this same “white clothed” phenomenon in the NBA during the post-game pressers.

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