Amazon and the clinton book rating scam

There is a great story out about how clinton just released a new book blaming everyone but herself for why she lost, its on amazon…the same amazon owned by jeff bezos who is tied to the washington post aka the deep state media branch.

Anyway, nearly ALL negative reviews are purged against this book, it has the very funny and obviously fake rating of 97% 5 star reviews, going into archives you can see the negatives being purged.

4 thoughts on “Amazon and the clinton book rating scam

  1. The global internet infrastructure is exactly analogous to the human brain. It grows in volume and density theoretically increasing its energy output.

    A.I. is built upon “open-sourced” human experience mass-mined and used to build a near-infinite library of virtual simulations that can then be uploaded into the human bot.


    There is this colossus of a global “machine,” much like a single human brain, which is only utilizing 10, 15, 25, 50%, etc. of its total capacity. There is real energy to be “mined,” hacked, stolen, diverted, siphoned, etc. And there is inherent value to this untapped/unclaimed/unused energy just as if it where an acre of dirt land somewhere or someplace.

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