The one reason why I think big bro, NWO, one world gov will NOT be successful

It’s not because I think there will be a popular revolution, not because crypto currency somehow frees us, not any of this.

I think the gov, whether it is illuminati, NWO, or simply just jewish is in prime position in general to win, people are stupid and things get worse.  Consider this innocuous plan by the (((IMF))) to de-monetize the world:

“The de-cashing process could build on the initial and largely uncontested steps, such as the phasing out of large denomination bills, the placement of ceilings on cash transactions, and the reporting of cash moves across the borders. Further steps could include creating economic incentives to reduce the use of cash in transactions, simplifying the opening and use of transferrable deposits, and further computerizing the financial system.”

That last one sounds a lot like crypto currency…hmm…

But regardless, I have a habit of asking cashiers how many people pay with cash, and the number is around 40-50% of people.  The rest do everything digitally.  That’s dangerous.

Anyway, with all things equal, I think they eventually win, or reap such a hell of earth (3rd worlders eventually swam even them) that everyone dies.

But…what I think happens first actually is really simply: we run out of resources.  Water, oil, space…any and all of it is running out fast.  No NSA, CIA, NWO type activity is going to matter much when half the internet is down, and people are dying in the streets.  Expect chaos of course, but massive, MASSIVE gov entities simply are too complex to live in the breaking down world.  This technocratic nightmare will come to an end during our life.


7 thoughts on “The one reason why I think big bro, NWO, one world gov will NOT be successful

  1. Good article, EK.

    Seems like they are moving towards a War on Cash. I don’t think the resource issue is big. The ruling class gets most, we get the scraps. Kind of like how it is now!

    There’s alot of ways to “spread” the loss to the proletariat while the bourgousie gets the profit.

  2. EK

    If you would recognize the “revolution” of (L)aw from (P)erfection to “infinite regress” in a metaphysical scheme while contemplating the d/evolution of (l)aw from Natural –> Common –> Corporate then you will acknowledge a global master who is an “expert” in utilizing corporate law to prophetably perpetuate self-annihilation.

  3. “We” are under corporate contract which assumes Natural Law (right to exist), usurps Common Law ((c)ontract supersedes Commonality) and utilizes corporate law to provoke the individual’s “right” to compensated annihilation.

      • You talkin to me? Not sure I understand anything in this post:

        “Natural law, in philosophy, a system of right or justice held to be common to all humans and derived from nature rather than from the rules of society, or positive law.”

        Not sure what the question is, it seems to make sense to say humans have no choice but to believe in natural law. I can’t just stop breathing right now or I’d die or something along those lines. Natural law is the same thing as reality. It’s just the laws of the universe: gravity, space and time, etc. How could you not believe in it? That would mean you don’t believe in anything and everything is an illusion…? Even if this is the matrix either way the natural law that’s occurring is still natural as far as the matrix standards go.

      • Natural Law is the inherent right to existence from conception.

        Or else, “natural law” is the utter absence of such inherent right to existence from conception?

        The latter conception is literally law-less while the former conception gives an absolute meaning to “Natural Law.”

        Yet, the modern reality is that corporate law allows one to supersede “natural law” by consensual contract operative at the ground level.

        On the mass scale, the white race has forfeited his claim to Natural Law and contracted himself into a perpetuating self-annihilation that he calls the multicult.

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