(((Google))) engineer fired for truth telling – his memo

So if you read the liberal hive mind or fake news you likely have heard how the guy that got fired ‘ hates women’ ‘hates diversity’ etc etc because he accused (((google))) of being a leftist stronghold hostile to conservative values.

Anyway here is his actual memo (and includes a tldr!)


His actual comments simply talk about how there are actual difference in males and females which ‘may’ account for less women in tech / leadership.

Of course (((leftist))) ideology assumes it is evil white males who oppress everyone and only letting blacks, muzz, trannies, gays etc take over will the world be better.


We salute you – brave nameless ex (((google))) engineer!


8 thoughts on “(((Google))) engineer fired for truth telling – his memo

  1. I have not seen this yet. Here is an interview with the author.

    I have the feeling that Google is in a lot of trouble.

  2. Didn’t take long, did it EK?

    That’s the surveillance state in action. You can’t do anything anonymous on the computer. Nothing!

    That kid looks like a jew. Something weird. Even the mouth is strangely formed.

    I listened to that little talk of his. His red pill is weak and undeveloped. Needs about 3-4 years.

    • Ryu…

      The reality of clashing “currencies” is indelibly woven into the fabric of the “material” world. The “system” in which “crypto-currencies” arise is, theoretically, absolutely ACCOUNTABLE. This “system” capability of specifying all transactions within the “system” is burgeoning AI.

      You are “currency” at the level of individual. But you do not maintain a system of absolute accounting.

      In the virtual reality, AI, by account of its system of full accounting, is more “intelligent” than mere humans.

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