Bitcoin cash – ‘printing money’ out of thin air (Crypto)

Crypto currencies have been around for years, but the last few months have had a major increase in interest. The market is around 100 billions dollars in value.

For those that have no clue what this is, there are various ‘currencies’ that pretty much anyone can invent and if people buy it you make money, most are scams a few try to serve real world purpose.

To be blunt, I think it is largely bullshit but could see it make money at least a few years before it all crashes cataclysmicly.  To illustrate most recent the major player bitcoin decided to split.

A single bitcoin is worth around 2700$, after the split you received all your bitcoins but also ‘bitcoin cash’ which was valued at 700$.  Loosely creating 25% pure profit from thin air, and literally creating 6~ billion dollars in the snap of a finger.

Most people do not even get fazed by this.  I have some money in cryptos, but this destroys my trust in it so much.  I have heard rumors that  the (((Rothchilds))) not only own a lot of bitcoin but actually were pushing for this split.

The more I read about this whole sector, the more wary I get.  MOST ways to get into crypto require the following: SSN, drivers lincense, bank account #, facial picture upload.  All just to buy some digital numbers.  Even typing this out I see what a scam it is.  Again, I am in it, but mostly just for some gains to cash out into real things. (I also found other ways in without the privacy loss).

Ironic for stuff touted as ‘privacy’ is in fact not private at all, and the transactions are very easy to track down.  Probably some jew/cia thing in the end.


8 thoughts on “Bitcoin cash – ‘printing money’ out of thin air (Crypto)

  1. Good post, EK.

    Some of our wn comrades are investing in this stuff. Seems funny, rigged. The stock market is the jew’s game. I’d bet its been converged already.

      • Banks work for the government now, in almost every possible way. Keeping your records, and giving them up when asked.

        I think criminals are smart to deal only with cash and only with the cash they hold. Word is that many countries are going after cash and trying to eliminate it.

  2. EK…

    You must pull back even farther to get a better look at things.

    YOU are already a “currency,” publicly trading.

    YOU already get “mined” as an “open sourced” mechanism.

    YOU are already “hacked” for your underused and unsecured “currents.”

    The manner in which you have chosen to engage “crypto-currency” is as an entirely public “currency.” So you are limited to trading transparently. Absolute accounting is, paradoxically, critical to functioning “crypto-currencies.”

    Now being aware of everything above, you can approach “crypto-currency” in a more advantageous manner.

    • “Money” Mayweather…
      Filthy rich.
      Modern translation:
      A devil’s bitch.
      Without a doubt
      Known zeitgeist snitch!
      {{{It}}} snatches
      He twitch.
      A fight is scripted
      White man ditched
      “Sieg Heil” rather niggardly
      Our race has glitched…

  3. I don’t consider myself a white nationalist / neo-nazi but I do respect ancient Nordic tradition, winter’s around the corner (winter is coming – real winter, and also metaphorical winter – for the world), was just listening to this great song, Thor will appreciate this:

    As far as bitcoin goes, it could become the norm pretty soon. So worth taking note of whose using it. I’m not on board with fake money monopoly money so I don’t have a dog in this race, but is interesting to see what’s coming. What does this mean for the banks I wonder….?

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