Soon illegal to boycott (((them)))

As if you need any more proof of certain tribal groups having their claws in the USA gov, look at this:

The congress is considering a bill that makes it ILLEGAL to boycott jews.  Dont want to buy jewish shit?  WE GOT A NICE BIG FINE FOR YOU GOYIM

3 thoughts on “Soon illegal to boycott (((them)))

  1. I thought Bill Clinton signed an executive order essentially doing this when he was in office?

    I remember reading years ago about an executive order that required business to report to the federal government a person who made inquiries as to whether certain products were made in Israel for the purpose of boycotting them.

  2. You can still boycott Israel.

    Just don’t call it a boycott. Say you need to buy from minos instead. That’d be fun, make them compete against their pets.

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