The struggle against those evil nationalists…

Facebook’s (((Zuckerberg))): Fight Against Nationalism ‘Struggle of our Time’

…Zuckerberg said he took (a dreamer) out for his birthday and when he asked him what he wanted, “he started talking about students he saw struggling and said, ‘you know, I’d really just like a book on social justice.’”


Yes because people wanting their own country and own culture is such a bad thing.  A real struggle of our time.  It literally would only take about 10 seconds of true self-reflection to wonder ‘why exactly should I be against nationalism?’.

As people like Ryu have pointed out, you have these ultra rich (and often jewish) preach open borders but live in gated communities and high walls + machine gun guards.


3 thoughts on “The struggle against those evil nationalists…

  1. I’ve been over your website, scanning it. I also checked out your commentators.

    Erudite Knight, I’d like to formally invite you to join in the fun at my website:

    Anything you say will be given a fair hearing and there will be no mockery. *open smile and shrug* I don’t believe in flaming.

    Looking forward to seeing you there, Knight, plus anyone else who wants to come.

    In the meantime, I think I’ll start posting here.

  2. If Zuckerstein wants to fight “nationalism” so bad, why not start with Zionism, which is jewish nationalism?

    He’s just playing these suckers. Israel is the most nationalist country on Earth. He’s not fighting nationalism, just white nationalism.

    The whole modern Surveillance State is directed against WN. They really don’t care about Muzzies or black criminals. They need to prevent white revolution. And no one runs a police state better than a jew.

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