A dad is happy his daughter is doing porn

I read dengenrate newspapers time to time to skim the headlines to see what the neo left is reading and normalizing.

This one caught my eye:


The quote right here sums everything up”

“If I could’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars having sex I would’ve done it, too.””

Of course not understanding sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive.  That women are desired and men are extranenous.  Still, it is a perfect example of the devolution of our society.

Musing about the future

One thing that interests me is the internet is a VERY dangerous thing for the powers that be.  I dont think they counted on smart people existing that are NOT part of the system.  Being outside it, I am convinced a large part of the truly intellectual elite (top 1-2%) of ‘real’ intelligence (ie not book smarts) are not system shills.

The internet was a weapon the elites didn’t count on being turned against them.

Of course the internet is very usable of converting sheep.  But they largely dont matter.  They never mattered.  They get plowed when the time is right.  What the internet did was allow say the top 10% of intellect to slowly get unplugged.  Things like that usa/zio may have done 9eleven or that jews may not be the good guys, or that usa might not be the good guys, or that evil ww2 germans maybe had reasons to fight etc etc.

I am surprised the internet still is up, but given its flood of porn makes some sense.  Keeps the masses docile.  Regardless, I think we are in some interesting times in the next 5-20 years.  Expect big police lockdowns, and hopefully some bigger rebellions.

A major advantage of liberals over conservatives

Conservatives/Republicans LIVE AND DIE by the rules.  They will only do thing if their various masters (who are never themselves) tell them its ok.  This is why you never see right-wing riots or insurrections in the USA.

Leftists are prone to group think as well, but their ideology is much more ‘independent’/rogue.  They are raised in a way of acting out alone is ok – and the group rewards them for it.  Thus anything from the raving SJW on a street corner, to massive BLM protests.

It will be tough to hear, but the ability to act independently is an trait leftists absolutely destroy the right on.