White guy smashes antifa feminist

This is a legit video about a angry white guy getting ready to take on a horde of antifa types.  Notice how cowardly they all are, despite it being 5 to 1 or more, they back down.



10 thoughts on “White guy smashes antifa feminist

  1. Cowardly?

    But cops do that also. They don’t engage unless they have the numerical advantage. Similar with SWAT and the US military. They don’t fight, unless they have every advantage.

    The system has hijacked the word “coward.” That why we all know the above fact, but cops and soldiers are virtually never called cowards.

    It’s also why you never see cops call criminals brave. In fact, cops never pay compliments to criminals, even though they are superior in virtually every way to the police. Those who act without permission must be twice as good.

    There is little to fear from antifa. They act with state assistance, and at rallies, the police protect them, not us. There are many skills that they never have to develop.

  2. anyways, this will trigger Ryu, Jag-0ff Don-0-van and all the other womyn out there…

    once you putt on the uniform, be it the cop outfit, the soldier outfit, the kkk outfit or the anti-fa outfit, well, you become a combatant. Don’t cry if you get punched, take it like a man.

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