Specter of ‘Superior Race’

What is pretty funny is how much we go against reality in this day and age.  Eugenics have been banned for about 100 years esp after them evil germans almost enslaved the world.  Here is  a funny story:http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-travel-order-raises-specter-superior-race-hawaii-attorney-general-n731596

The link title tells you what you need to know.  The guy’s name is ‘chin’ so likely some small-bodied asian, inferior physically.    We practice eugenics on EVERYTHING except ourselves.  This is how we get the best plants, the best horses and so on, but lord forbid we want to keep trashy humans out.

Everything comes to an end, and when the USA falls (hopefully without nuclear war) some future empire will practice eugenics, and stomp out those who don’t.

There is no ‘specter’ of a superior race, it is a fact.




8 thoughts on “Specter of ‘Superior Race’

  1. It is like PimpDaddy says: the system is always against any form of supremacy (except maybe God’s chosen people, the jews). Liberals want everyone to be equally debased.

    Funny thing is, I know there are Jap women who look down on their men, who will no longer screw them. It’s a race to the bottom.

  2. Hey did you guys hear about the prank Milo played on the Alt-Rite?

    He had a big meet-up on Wed at a strip club. Got the guys really, really liquored up.

    Jack Donovan and Roosh V were there. The guys continued to get more surly as no ladies showed up. He locked the doors and said since it was womyn’s day, all the strippers took off to protest. Rape Culture endued….

    Why weren’t any feminists screaming and why did so many M(h)RA’s have a satiated look on their face the next day? Inquiring minds want to know….

      • hahaha, wasn’t he “born this way”????

        I’m not a liberal or WN, so if some dude assrapes another dude prison style, that means he is a faggot. Can you believe there are nutcases who say that the guys who rape guys in prison aren’t gay? If you get you wang covered in dookie, that’s a pretty strong sign you are gay…

        I sure as fuck would not go drinking w/ Roosh or any manuresphere creeps. But I would go to the shooting range, get liquored up and fire off a few shots. Haha, maybe I’d pull a Dick Cheney…


          • IDK…

            but he did write this…


            I choose to be straight about as much as I choose to be a low status male. It’s just what I am. Born this way,,,,

            Again, I’m not a liberal with “white guilt” so I’ll say it this way–if a dude assrapes a dude, he is gay. It’s a liberal lie that dudes are homophobic because they are harboring secret desire for dick. Sometimes dudes are homophobic because there was a predator around when they were kids and one of their friends wasn’t so lucky. And then their friend winds up having an accident with a 12 guage or becomes a messed up adult who goes down the sewer.


            Go read Roosh V’s shit… He doesn’t even like women, and I don’t mean like when we say we don’t like women. As in women are a pain in the ass and most times don’t seem worth the bother. But I sure wouldn’t mind a make out session with a Playboy Playmate. I sure wouldn’t mind a sexy massage. I don’t want to be some lame guy who works extra hours at a job he hates so he can visit hookers or have a “girlfriend” who might as well be a hooker. But I desire sex and intimacy with women. Just read how he has “boner problems” and he seems more interested in domination rather than fun, y’know. It’s in his writing. He sure seems like a dude who would assrape another dude so he could say he was an alpha male. So he could get his “flag.”

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