Expect an anti-jew false flag attack within the year

Surprisingly even with jewgle, jewtube etc routinely blocking nearly everything that questions the holy ones, more and more people are getting ‘jew-aware-lite’ so to say.  I see comments all the time about ‘yids’ ‘ykws’ etc.

It is getting so prevalent that the news regularly covers ‘anti-semite’ threats across the country.  ABC news had like 30+ states with threats against gods chosen people.  I personally doubt its real, but with fake news you say it and its true.

HOWEVER, and this is big, I think we are going to see a staged attack against them within the year.  The tide is turning against them fast, and they need to restore their eternal victim status.  My personal prediction is a elementary school, that way it can trigger ‘the poor children’ response out of white people.  Maybe a few churches with evil swastikas all over it, that’s a nice visual to have all over the news.

That is the prediction I am laying out there, I see the patterns and this seems like the next course of action to tamp down all this evil anti-semite behavior everywhere.

I am not condoning any violence here, but I suspect my prediction will be proven true.  They control the narrative, any violence is going to be used effectively to restore their ‘out of sight victims’ status.  THIS is a large reason why I suspect we are going to see a fake one.


6 thoughts on “Expect an anti-jew false flag attack within the year

  1. Why aren’t you condoning violence here? Are you a ((( jew /kike )))?

    I pray to Allah the Merciful that one day, all WNs have a big disclaimer on top: We condone violence here….welcome!

    It is now very easy to tell false flags. WNs don’t paint swastikas anymore. That’s kid’s stuff and easy to get away with.

    Most WNs don’t even like the swastika any longer. I do, but others told me to put it away. Jews and minos turn to it straight away though. It’s their surefire bet for pity.

    • The issue is the war of words has to turn on them more, someone gets shot up and all progress is lost. You get this. Its like how blacks kill whites all the time, but a white kills a black (dylan roof) and its over the news endlessly.

      • Tie WN and PUA together. We can summarize WN in one sentence: be alpha, white boy.

        Why apologize for anything? If a white man wants to gas jews or rape gook, why should I care? Feels good man.

        Beyond the fear most WNs feel is another world: greed. Making the enemy fear you. It is an important step to take.

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