The german economic miracle

Reading a book that is pretty heavy/dry but is interesting given its historical implications.  Post ww1 germany was enslaved by interest and the versailles treaty.  Essentially this guy named Gottfried Feder wrote a book roughly translated as ‘breaking the interest slavery’ where he goes through how just utterly forgetting interest works in the long term for everyone.

He goes through examples about compound interest, about how a single penny that doubles every 15 years since 0AD/jesus would be more money than the world has.  Interest creates ‘wealth’ that is not real and only enriches the 1% and mostly the bankers/YKWers

Whats ironic in the way of re-writing history is if you type german economic miracle into jewgle you get some link to some post ww2 thing about germany, NOT what changed one country into a economic powerhouse that almost took out the world.

Here is an audio book of it

and pdf:

The more you know…


22 thoughts on “The german economic miracle

  1. The Treaty of Versailles virtually guaranteed the rise of Hitler, or someone like him. Much like the economic and political reality of modern America guaranteed someone like Trump showing up and taking the reigns. Take that for what you will.

    It’s been long known that usury is a very special type of evil.

    • Usury was the most destructive weapon ever invented; that is a credit to the jews.

      I admire the jews. I don’t like them, but as enemies, they are second to none. Like the Indians, one should judge a man by his enemies.

  2. The idea is that usury is empirical evidence for “love of money.” No one can deny the necessity of a “currency” as a medium of exchange. So charging interest on the borrowing of currency for the ASSUMED purpose of creating more current value JUST DOES create an indebted situation with the only true remedy being a zeroing out of the debt, i.e., a default. This in turn can be understood as “breaking a promise” and in and of itself damaging the exchange value of the given currency. Yet, the promise to pay interest on a loan of currency IN THE AGGREGATE just is the inability to pay off the interest on the loan of currency in the aggregate… UNTIL DEFAULT.

    Then it is either acceptance by oligarchs to massive DEFLATION or it is war and the continuation of an increasing debt or a zeroing out of all interest owed.

      • Yes… There is an unspoken understanding that a large swath of white Americans could DEFAULT without devaluing the “green back” by “every means necessary” which would then serve as a catalyst for a more valuable currency. Such is the cyclical nature of a fiat currency still submissive to a material paradigm. Ergo, fiat currency allows unlimited printing, but could never achieve the possibility so our economic fate is that of a redundant cycle inevitably manipulated towards evil ends.

    • It’s simple. If you owe $10 interest on a $100 note, that $10 must come from SOMEWHERE. The $100 already existed; it was earned, it’s accounted for. How do you account for the existence of interest? The interest can only come into being by a) creating value, or b) creating more currency to cover the interest. Most loans are taken out to buy things that already exist, so no value is created when you buy a house, car, or something on credit card. So we have to go with option b and create money, which causes inflation and all the evils that come with. Who controls the creation of money controls the planet, literally. This is why debt is slavery. It can never be repaid.

        • Fractional reserve banking. Banks can lend ten times the amount they have in “the vault”. How? It’s created when you apply for the loan. So, if the bank has $100k, they can loan you $1M, that they created out of thin air. Now, over the course of time, that $1M becomes $10M as it becomes future deposits that banks will lend against. It’s all a scam, and as you noted, unsustainable. Every fiat currency has failed, no exceptions, and all for the same reasons. It’s a matter of time.

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