YKW pics for some lolz pt1

I have a big collection of these.  Some are funny, some are really informative about how bad the jewish control of everything really is.


1This pic is pretty true, the amount of bougeious pseudo intellectuas that were athetist and ‘knew everything’ was staggering.  They were all the same.


^Some ykw over representation, but its just because they are smarter right?  Notice how the movie awards always make a big deal about representing blacks, which tend to be at their population level but of course they never NEVER mention the guy who won was jewish.



8 thoughts on “YKW pics for some lolz pt1

  1. Not only is the psychological war very ione-sided, it is downright, primitively simplistic.

    {{{They}}} call *you* a “white supremacist” and *you* vehemently deny the charge.

    *You* NEVER CALL {{{them}}} degenerate anti-white Supremacists, period.

    Even a child can “see” who has won this mind war.

      • EK…

        This wasn’t necessarily referencing you, although “anti-white” is not particular enough.

        Anti-white Supremacist…

        The Jew qua Jew is AGAINST the white Supremacist.

        “White” self-annihilator is a Jew-buddy.

        “Anti-white” is a half truth covering up a bigger Truth with a partial lie.

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