Good article on trumps jew connections

I have been critical for a long time of trump on here, unfortunately it looks like I was right.  A lot of ‘good conservative’ types say to ‘just wait’ ‘he just got in’ etc etc, whats there to wait for when he has stacked his cabinet/crew with nothing but endless jews?

I’ve pointed to this site before, but here is a good article like missed:

In it, a  important point about fighting muzzlims is NOT in our interest (I know TD will oppose this, so I want to see his comment), the argument is essentially it depletes already thin white ranks, and muzz are Israels enemy.  In a perfect world they’d be kept in their corner, but at this point seem about the only people who even threaten ZOG.


6 thoughts on “Good article on trumps jew connections

  1. Basically anything the USG hates, is good for the white race.

    Communism and Islam work against Murkanism. Communism kept the capitalists out and Eastern Europe has the spiritually strongest whites left on the planet. Islam has similarly protected the Muzz from the jewish/Murkan influence.

    I “support” Trump, meaning I support the effect he has on ordinary whites. The mass media is full of fake news, meaning jew-run jews.

    I loved his remark. “Killers? We’ve all got killers. You think we are so innocent?” Great! Almost like he read Eradica.

  2. Harboring absurd expectations… Such as a sitting US President with no Jewish connection is just the kind of distorted frame necessary to obscure the fact that the true measure of the “connection” is in the degree of white Supremacy versus anti-white Supremacy and in which direction the current flows.

    The DEFAULT MINDSET of the Jewish anti-white Supremacy is “white supremacy” EVERYWHERE.”

    Now reframe.

    “We” must press Trump towards wS NO MATTER WHAT…

    This is our “default” stance towards blatant Jewish anti-white Supremacy.

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