Flynn, who was somewhat anti-jew forced out

When the recent withc hunt of Flynn started, I racked my brain, trying to remember if he was the anti-jew guy, if so it made sense why they final dug something up on him.  Lo and behold, he is in fact the same guy.  You have people in his regime that are absolute shit, yet the general who made some bad YKW comments gets booted…I wonder who really controls the gov? (sarc)

I remember when Flynn was first introduced how the media howled about his ‘anti semite’ language.  Notice its always ‘anti semite’ which no one really knows what that means anyway where as if it was ‘anti jew’ it would stick in peoples brains more.


“”The corrupt Democratic machine will do and say anything to get #NeverHillary into power. This is a new low.  Not anymore, Jews. Not Anymore,”

Further he wants open ties with russia.  I am not sure on the russian thing one way or another yet, but I know killary wanted war with russia, so not going to war with them is a logical good thing.  Even though killary lost, many of her machine remain in power (esp the media) so it is typical seeing the anti-russia narrative.

Trump has suspicious jew connections already, and with one of his few anti-jews forced out the swamp only gets muddier.




11 thoughts on “Flynn, who was somewhat anti-jew forced out

  1. I barely know anything about Flynn. Why is this the most important news of the day?

    Strange that HIllary is still around. I saw in the Enquirer or US News that she tried taking a flight to Bahrain and leave the US permenantly.

  2. Up and until one names the {{{anti-white Supremacist}}} to be found in nearly every crusty crack in MRKA, no epochal trans-formation of the “jewish (s)upremacy” Narrative will take hold.

      • Ryu…

        He was a “white supremacist.” Ergo, he was a “white” degenerate not because he was a “gay for pay” porn “star,” but because he didn’t pimp himself out to “black” homos.

        Get that…

        He was a “racist” degenerate, i.e., a “white supremacist,” because he wouldn’t sell his ass to faggot niggers.

          • Not “seems…”


            Genuine white Supremacy IS THE ONLY TABOO in a radically autonomous society.

            A “victory” in this game is in the concession effortlessly obtained.

            “I am not a white Supremacist” is the “victory” taunt of the “white” self-annihilator.

            “He’s a ‘white supremacist'” is the universal trigger warning clucked with the intent to bleed a confession of anti-white Supremacy.

            Do not confess.

  3. I was upset to hear that Flynn had been asked to resign. I felt like he was a true patriot more or less and that the media over blew the talks he had with Russia about sanctions in the future. Hopefully this does not mean that the MSM is winning against Trump’s pro-American part of his cabinet

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