Some good sites to read, and some I am wary of

First and foremost some of these are recent, so if they are cryptojew or whatever, I don’t know about it, this is in contrast to daily stormer which is a major jew if not straight mossad run site.

decent ‘main stream’ alternative media: – heavy econ focus and a little trump love, but most of the people in the comments are surprisingly jew aware given the mainstream reach of this site i used this sparingly as it is a neocon/christian can do no wrong – style of reading, but a good break from MSM sites


recent hardcore sites I have found:

(these seem to be much more down with a white ethno state in the usa, they seem pretty legit, if I am wrong, someone correct me)

here is a radio/podcast site related to them:



Stay away from:

alex jones – this guy helped me a little break free of MSM but he is major crypto jew and dodges around everything literally, and I mean literally blaming it on nazis.

stephan molyneux – a smart guy that swung hard right, but dodged jew question and outright says it doesnt matter

dailystormer – early on seemed a surprisig source of news if not heavily biased, but I have heard stories of ip farming, and it just is way over the top with ‘gas the kikes’, similar to faggots leading altright

milo fagopolis – alt right gay guy, not interested.

10 thoughts on “Some good sites to read, and some I am wary of

  1. Hey! What’s wrong with gassing jews?

    Liberals call for white genocide. Certainly whites can call for liberal and mino genocide.

    There are fine distinctions to be made. Violence works – antifa, cops and soldiers use it day and night. Someone who says violence doesn’t work is lying, or trying to impress his masters with obedience.

    The difference is in how it is presented. Daily Stormer and Storm Front are huge sites. It has to be remembered that groups in real life are not really feasible. Murka is a police state. Large groups can’t form without attracting attention.

    WN is using the pure cell system today and it has to stay that way. It works. Even taken right to the limit.

    I still have to write about this group, but you’ve never heard of it EK. A modern group, getting away with it for over 10 years.

  2. “National Socialism, as a PHILOSOPHY, embodies the eternal urge found in all living things – indeed in all creation – toward a higher level of existence – toward perfection – toward God.” — George Lincoln Rockwell

    The question is WHY call it “National Socialism” and NOT white Supremacy?

    Because “socialism” = eternal urge found in ALL living things…

    No Mr. Rockwell…

    All living things DO NOT URGE to strive towards Perfection, i.e., objective Supremacy. In fact, a mad mob super-duper majority of humans absolutely do not desire Perfection… No sir, they violently reject “it” and seek to destroy white Supremacy unconsciously.

    And I’ll tell you, in our world, the white Supremacist is neither less than a Supremacist and self-evidently more particular.

    Why “white?”

    Because not “all.”

  3. Any race-realist worth his salt is going to get the “crypto-jew” designation due the pathologically-ingrained idea of “jewish supremacy.”

    The only true litmus test is his absolute concept of white Supremacy and whether he presses such concept against the cabal of Jewish anti-white Supremacists?

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