Are Muslims the enemy?

Now before you think I have gone bleeding heart on you, this is more of an open ended question.  I am a truth seeker first and foremost, I don’t claim to have answers.

One thing I do know, is if the media wants us to hate someone, there is reason to believe perhaps we shoudln’t.  The topic is very complicated though, because historically muslims have been our enemies.

I like to think some of my polish ancestors were part of the infamous Winger Hussars that absolutely obliterated the muslim invasion of europe:


Further, you have the Council of foreign relation, saul alinsky, bilderberg group inspired muslims relocation into europe.  We are supposed to ‘love’ them while they bomb us.

I suspect this is all so that in a few years when a big attack gets kicked off they can rally more ‘anti muslim hate’ and we can continue endless wars in the middle east.

I don’t blame the muslims, as terrorism is in the eyes of the beholder, as a saying I say goes.  If ‘the empire’ was invading my state I’d fight them off as well.  That being said, I think the best idea is to leave the muslims alone, BUT IN THEIR AREA OF THE WORLD.  Let the fight each other, but live in peace except if they want to come into our ethnocentric state – which we deny.

Its complex, I have smart readers here, this could be a good discussion.

11 thoughts on “Are Muslims the enemy?

  1. The terrorist will always be the enemy. He’s origin doesn’t matter when you loose your loved ones. When your family scatters, or when you do not feel safe. He can be just anyone. But he has first and foremost an ideology on his mind. Whoever he is, that ideology has nothing to do with any theology or religion. It’s all destructive and targets all. Shooting six Muslims in a mosque or target a bunch of people with a truck, we are all affected. It’s a hit against humanity.

  2. Islam is anti-white Supremacy. End of story.

    Now you must decide what you are and then determine whether the Muslim is your enemy?

    I’m a white Supremacist and so the question answers itself.

  3. Clearly then… If one sees himself an anti-white Supremacist then his friend/foe relationship with anything Islamic will be in constant flux. The MessMadia is prime example of this collectively confused mind instigating a love/hate environment of violent dysfunction.

  4. God is using the Muzz to help the white race.

    You see, Muzz hate jews. That’s why the jews are leaving France, Norway, Sweden and other Muzz infested areas. The Muzz kick out the jews, we kick out the Muzz.

    Some clever nationalist called this “jew-jitsu.” Letting the jews bring in the minos that will destroy them.

    White men know what they need to do. They’ve known for decades. Just have to wait for the jews and cops/soldiers to get off our back. It’s a different game altogether when we can fight back.

  5. Fuck Islam. They are incapable of assimilating and are as destructive as Jews, but with far less resources. The Jews control things behind the curtain with banks and influence on government. Muslims don’t have that, so they resort to terrorism.

    Though I agree with your point. Let them all destroy themselves in the asshole of the earth that is the middle East. Ban them from our countries.

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