Trumps escalation with Iran – not good

One disturbing thing about the alt-right is a vast majority of them are enamored with Trump and ‘can do no wrong’.  Much like the left was with obama.  People in general can’t think objectively, and as long as ‘my’ guy is winning don’t think beyond it.

In case you are not aware Trump ‘put iran on notice’ (wth is this, high school rap/cool kid crew?).  Iran is the enemy of isreal, so Trump being a projew, it makes sense he would take out one of the last real enemies over there.

In a thing that could be a pretty good plot twist, Iran is defiant and says it will release a list of us individuals and corporations who fund terrorists.

What is interesting about this, is first I doubt anyone who pays attention doubts this happens already, but the average person couldn’t comprehend this.  ‘You mean the cia actually funded al quida?’ etc

It would be really interesting to see people like kerry, killary, mccain etc.

I really hope they release this, but of course MSM will have a ‘lastest breaking news, trump is racist as fuck!’ and not cover this in the slightest.  Kind of like how like the top 50 media people all were on killary’s payroll, didn’t see that covered either.


20 thoughts on “Trumps escalation with Iran – not good

  1. you are being mislead when milo poopypantsolis says his fweedumb of speach is being stopped….

    he used a technology platform twitter and was banned. If you have a blog about horses and I constantly talk about dolphins. Your banning me is not a limitation on my free speech. It is moderating a forum even if I think said moderation is unfair.

    he is now making this about free speech. Still, he can post articles at breitbart and protestors can stop his “speeches.” The “left” is showing you what “it takes to get shit done.” You can hate them for their ideologies but if you consider yourself an “activist” you should be thanking them for showing you what is possible and how it’s done.

  2. We proceed by degrees. Maybe first the minos, then the jews. I will support anything that improves white morale and our fighting spirit.

    That includes some….controversial…aspects.

    When white men get their balls back, not only will white women lust after them, but mino women also. Strange new things have been created.

    An associate of ours showed me this, NSFW. Maybe not all porn is jewish.

      • No joke. It seems there is a subculture for every kink; mino women with a fetish for white men. It is called “raceplay.”

        There is a version of WN called “Y haplotype WN.” It is where white men can have female daughters with mino women. Thordaddy used to write about sex with “imperial intention.”

        The idea is, women are the guardians of a race’s purity. Not much prob with white men screwing mino women, but big prob with our women mixing.

        James Lafond is a nationalist who likes negro women. Not Africa black, but like brownish.

        A racist can certainly sleep with a mino woman. Have you seen this scene?
        ‘you ain’t a man until you split dark oak” LOL.

        • oh, looks like I ain’t banned after all…

          I tried dropping a link twice to a blog called longing for death and the dude talks about being a halfbreed. I’m a different mix, and presumably more well adjusted. When I got bullied, I punched em, even if they were bigger than me and I presume this dude didn’t and now he needs therapy. But Mr. Ryu’s comments helped me connect some dots and I wrote this….

          • You missed the lesson, Stoner.

            Part of WN is indeed increasing access to women to white men, even mino women. Only the daughters of those pairings would be kept.

            There is a type of white man who didn’t do so well in his home country. They would go on ships and explore the world. Some landed in Central America, others Africa, others Asia. There they took mino wives if they pleased.

            White women are a rare resource. There not enough desirable white women to satisfy the demand.

            A man can most certainly sleep with a woman he looks down upon. Indeed, it may be better that way.

            White men have little use for male mixlets. Hapa males are undesirable to everybody. Hapa women can do alright because they may find a white male mate.

          • Good, I’ve learned allot both here and at Shedding of the Ego, things I could never learn on the “god faith let’s defer to feminists” liberal style at Feminist Critics…

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      • A mixlet could be raised properly by a white supremacist father.

        Once, Muzz raised up white janissaries who were used as shock troops against other Europeans. A properly raised mixlet would be a great hunter of minos.

        No one says the Southern plantation owner was any less of a racist for having a few negro slaves in his bed.

        Male mixlets have uses. The AB and some motorcycle clubs make use of them. It is a rare case, but exists.

  4. There is a flaw.

    IF everyone hates the Jews THEN warring against ANYONE AND EVERYONE becomes warring on behalf of the Jews…

    So clearly everyone does not hate the Jews…

    Because we can war with those that the Jews would war with and still only be warring on our own behalf.


    Iranians are STILL anti-white Supremacy…

    As is the Jew…

    So Trump MAY BE saber rattling against Iran AND Israel FOR THEIR MUTUAL anti-white Supremacy?

    The way you narrate things, white Supremacy CANNOT GO TO WAR against anti-white Supremacy UNLESS it to the benefit of the Jews’ anti-white Supremacy.

    Clearly, the Jewish anti-white Supremacist should self-sacrifice at the altar of white Supremacy for the very reason that “it” yanks him out of bed each and every morning.

    Trump should be gearing up the Israeli military to die for their people’s freedom from Iran’s rival variant of anti-white Supremacist virulence.

      • The point is that from an open-source Narrative POV, pitting anti-white Supremacist forces agaist each other is the protocol of white Supremacy.

        The critical test is which resources are actually used by Donald Trump in this provocation with Iran? YOU CANNOT AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME that such saber rattling is to the pure benefit of Jews BECAUSE then wS can war against no Jewish enemy WHO IS ALSO an enemy of white Supremacy.

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