Reddit’s ban of altright is symptom of censor gone wild

Here are the facts before I comment: Reddit banned the altright sub because of promoting ‘Due to abuse, harassment, racism, shitposting, racist-shitposting’ (no I am not making that up, that is the real reason, straight from the site) it caused a predictable reaction from wing leaning people, but surprisingly there was a LOT of leftists celebrating ‘the banning of these genocidal nazis’.  They were reported by some other redditers, (traitors like this that turn their fellows in make me rage to such a high level).

Ok, let’s get to it.  Reddit is an absolute fag fest, cuckville.  I hate the term cuck as it is overused but in a true sense they don’t care if other guys are fucking their women, and exemplify everything wrong with modern day hipsters.  They are utter faggots in every complete sense, in any of the ‘manly’ sections I had been to (firefighting/ems, weight lifting, and redpill/pua stuff) every guy there was a massive keyboard warrior. Everyone weightlifter was lifting thousands of pounds, every fire fighter was a medevac pilot ER doctor fire captain, and the pua was of course endless 10sthey picked up every day.

These were the better sections.

Some faggy site doing this doesnt really change things a whole lot so much as a symptom of the problem we are rapidly hurtling towards.  The parallels to preWW2 germany are insane.  We have degeneracy running absolutely wild, leftism destroying everything and these mind sheep towing the line.  Same with this morning the U.C. banning of Milo from speaking because of riots.

I hurts to see (not that I like that faggot at all) free speech crushed like this, but the pendulum is going to swing hard back the other way one day and when all these skinny little hipster faggot SJW feminist types suddenly dont have big gov behind them they will be shocked how violent the world is and that violence > words in the end.


14 thoughts on “Reddit’s ban of altright is symptom of censor gone wild

  1. I think that you are under-estimating the lefts ability to perform violent acts. Would remind you that back in the 60’s and early 70’s there were a number of leftist terror groups operating in the US doing an amazing amount of acts of violence, and this with cops and the local government in the hands of the right at the time (for the most part). They have what they believe is the moral right to kill all of those that are to the right of them because … Nazi. I fully expect them to start random acts of terror as they did back then. Plus they’ll be funded by the globalists like Soros so expect them to be better organized (and eventually armed) than they were the last time. We are at the start of a possible civil war here in America but not like the last one, this will be more like Castro’s war in Cuba which was a long term insurgency plus propaganda war that eventually caused the Cuban Army to just decide to sit it out and let Castro take over (He would have been crushed if they had left the barracks). The left can achieve something like that here as well since if you look at the current armed forces and police organizations they’ve been stuffed to overflowing with feminists/homosexuals/minorities that all have sympathies with the left.

      • In reality it has already begun, the BLM inciting attacks on cops, the masked anarchists that always seems to show up at “peaceful protests”, the false flag racist attacks on SJW, the unending propaganda from the establishment fake news organizations. The idea is to create a psychological atmosphere of fear in the conservative population to basically wear down peoples support for Trump and the alt-right. Also bare in mind that insurgencies like this can’t continue for long without funding and organization (just like in the case of Castro who was being supported by the Soviets).

        What you can expect is to see a ramp up in the violence as well as resistance from state/local governments who are already converged into SJW/leftist camps. Also expect more false flags or distortions of events (like the shooting of the black guy that started the whole BLM movement) that are used to trigger mass protests and violence. You could already see this at the Milo protest at Berkeley where masked provocateurs showed up to ramp things up, I would bet dollars to doughnuts these guys were bused in by some Soros funded group. They will also attempt to disrupt the economy as much as possible as well as doing targeted attacks on organizations/companies/individuals that they view as the enemy (fire bombing, assassination, etc.). There will also be resistance within the federal government by leftist in an attempt to undermine and sabotage Trumps agenda.

        You are not going to see standing armies shooting it out like our last civil war but an attempt to cow the right into submission with violence and terror as well as state/local government actions against the right as well (arrests and civil fines that bankrupt you like we saw with that Christian bakery). Also they will try to incite rebellion within the military and other paramilitary organizations. If they succeed then expect the true Nazis of the left to really start to attack the right when/if they regain power, the gloves will be off next time.

        The best way to fight them is to attack their funding source (seizure of Soros assets, jailing of people like him under RICO, etc.) as well as defunding universities and other organizations that are converged, destruction of their media via FCC rules or implementation of the fairness act for the internet, and extreme punishments for the masked attackers and ground troops. The problem is I’m not sure that Trump realizes he is in a civil war and may delay these kind of actions until it is too late. Their goal is not to destroy but to seize back power and then crush those that oppose them.

    • Rock on. I wish the leftists would try this.

      I love groups like the Red Army Faction. In their time, they were amazing. Of course, most were white.

      It takes a man with balls to do those things. There are very few leftists DAAs. It is now too feminine.

      There is a very close relationship between sex and revolution. A man who won’t fuck won’t fight; David Lane said that.

      The movie Carlos the Jackal shows this on many occasion. Carlito’s group as actually against the Zionists and for the PLO.

  2. Reddit is a faggot, SJW, liberal shit hole. Any opinion that goes against the hive mind gets silenced because “muh trigger.” They did the same to fatpeoplehate. If you’re at all critical if the “special protected classes” (Gay, black, jew, fat, etc) you’re basically excommunicated from the site.

    Gunner is right in my opinion. All the signs for civil war are there, and these fucks are just stupid enough to be pushed into it. It will be cities that go first IMO. They’ll just start attacking all Whites on sight. Luckily all the hipster white faggits typically live in large cities.

    They’ll run out of food after a while because they buy all their food from supermarkets. They’ll eventually start heading for the rural areas and may take a few towns, but for one, they are not conditioned to the harshness of a civil war laden rural area. And two, the people there want them dead. There are more of them but many will die early.

  3. y’know, I laughed when Dick Spence got punched…

    all this violence does not worry me one bit at all…

    …y’knw why?

    Because I am of the class of men who does not expect a long life…

    Declining lifespans don’t effect me in the negative, in fact in more violent times, I might actually survive longer…

    it is with an incredible sense of privilege that someone like Dick Spence or Jagoff Donovan can walk out of the store and not hold onto the receipt. That is a privilege I don’t have. If they are subject to the level of violence I have been, well, then maybe they’d know something about masculinity…

    you can have a guy bragging he’s had 100 drunk broads but is he even really a man if he’s ran from every fight….

    cough, Roosh V, cough….

    interesting times, I haven’t laughed so much in such a long time…

  4. The alt-rite IS STILL anti-white Supremacy… So the banning by Reddit is the impetus of one virulent form of anti-wS against a SEEMINGLY less virulent form of anti-wS FOR the purpose of EXPANDING an “any means necessary” paradigm ALWAYS AT THE EXPENSE of genuine white Supremacy.

    To operate by any means necessary IS TO DECLARE one’s self terminable without consent.

    We are on the precipice of the above being universally true.

    ONLY A genuine white Supremacist falsifies the paradigm.

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