Might is Right pt 1

I am reading ‘might is right’ and it is a surprisingly legit book, essentially he hates ‘slave religions and laws’ so takes major issue with christians, jews, laws and politicians.  It reminds me a LOT of Nietzche, esp ‘genealogy of morals’.

I am not done with it, but here are some legit quotes:


“Only jews and christs and other degenerates think that rejuvenation can ever come through law and prayer.  “All the tears of all the martyrs’ might as well never have been shed.”

“What are ‘religions and literature’ if their grandest productions are hordes of faithful slaves?’

“What white father for example would encourage the marriage of a hulking thick skulled  negro with his beautiful and accomplished daughter?”

“Remove the constraints and see how far a aristocracy based on merit would mow down an aristocracy based on credit”

“It is notorious universally so that the blackest falsehoods are ever decked out in the most brilliant and gorgeous regalia.  Clearly therefore it is the brave men’s duty to regard all sacred things, all legal things, all constitutional things all holy things with more than the usual suspicion”


11 thoughts on “Might is Right pt 1

  1. Jack London wrote it. That book is like a racist decontamination chamber.

    It is the Christian POV also, I might add

    Thou shall not kill….except God (flood)
    Thou shall not covet….except God (I am a jealous god…)

    The Christians obey their God because he has more power than them. If they disobey, he shall send them to hell. I’d say Xtians believe might makes right MORE than the rest of us.

    • Eh…idk about that last part, he tears into them pretty hard for being sheep and ‘turning the other cheek’. If you look truthfully at their book then yes, but thats never the lesson they take to heart.

      But overall pretty legit book, I assume you liked it?

      • Yeah I like it. I review it a few times a year.

        WN will always be “illegal” as long as the enemy makes the laws. We need a revaluation of all values.

        And if “the law” stops WNs, then they are too weak and deserve extermination. Why put some words on paper above your own survival? Madness.

    • Ryu…

      Your LEARNED INTERPRETATION of “thou shall not kill is fallacious on account of its absurdity.

      One can kill to exist. The Father cannot deny this most basic expression of freed will. One cannot kill the innocent to exist. The Father CAN DENY THIS even if it means one’s life at the hands of Evil.

      The command is:

      “Thou shall not spill the blood of the innocent.”

      This is how you get into the mind of a white cop and white soldier and turn them against a diversity that allows one to mockingly scoff at a FALSE INTERPRETATION of a most important command to the purported peace officer.

  2. Jack London doesn’t conceive “(Might makes (R)ight” as a metaphysical Truth INFORMING the white Supremacist as to the nature of physical reality.

    Abortion is the prime example of conceiving “(m)ight makes (r)ight” WITHOUT A PROPER METAPHYSICS to “ground” one’s interpretation of reality.

    In the STRICTEST INTERPRETATION, “might makes right” equals SELF-ANNIHILATION.

    And EVEN IF “might makes right,” right can reject might and vanquish it on singular occasions. Ergo, one can reject self-annihilation perpetually even where “might makes right.”

    So there is a higher order of things which FULLY ENCOMPASSES ALL interpretations of “might makes right” and allows the individual to embrace a proper metaphysical reality despite ALL the PERVERSIONS of his physical reality.

  3. To look at Christianity as merely a religion as opposed to an ABSOLUTE TRUTH CLAIM is to PURPOSELY RETARD one’s self, self-evidently.

    As a TRUTH CLAIM, Christianity says:

    The Perfect Man exists… Ergo, He who did all right walked earth AS EMPIRICAL FACT. The consequence being the falsification of “universal equality” for all time and a realization that all obstacles to Perfection are self-inflicted delusions..

    As a mere religion, THE MOST RADICAL interpret Christianity as SELF-ANNIHILATING.

    Put this together and the most diabolical of radicals CONCEIVE the white Christian’s desire for Perfection and his rejection of all obstacle thereof as self-annihilating.

    This ^^^ is Jack London and the high IQ mind of the radical “white” autonomist.

    They are the most dangerous of self-annihilators… The ones who yell “might makes right” so that you cannot hear them whisper, “your mom had a right to kill you.”

    • TD you are pretty smart but the christianity thing is one thing you can’t get past. It ripped off various religions like mithraism, and elements of paganism, how could it be ‘true’?

      • EK…

        The above is why you have to take your mind off Christ for a second and put it on the MERE CONCEPT of The Perfect Man.

        High IQ “white” male REJECTS the MERE CONCEPT and USES the deconstruction of the Christ story TO OBSCURE THIS FACT.

        What this means in the meta-schemes of things is that our highest IQ “white” males CANNOT CONCEIVE Perfection. The consequence of this inability is self-annihilation. Deconstructing Christianity is a LEARNED DENIAL MECHANISM.

        Now re-read your critique.

        The “fallacy” of Christ is in His REDUNDANCY.

        And The Perfect Man is the falsification of “universal equality,” ie., The Redundant Phenomenon.

        It’s called projection.

  4. Within the inversion, “(m)ight makes (r)ight” equals the tepid do wrong. This TRUISM by way of euphemistic inversion then becomes a dominate operating paradigm elevating a self-annihilation as first protocol amongst high and low IQ “whites.” And because BOTH the smarties and the dummies believe in might makes right/tepid does wrong, neither can see the “white” self-annihilation that ensues from such retarding beliefs.

    Yes, the tepid do wrong. This only diminishes their claim on any executive privilege. It does not falsify Might makes Right or the truism that all the right moves is the surest path to perpetuating success in any valid “game” theory.

    All your understandings of our liberated language must be understood in the context of inducing the wS to self-annihilate.

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