Typical jewgle propaganda

It really isn’t surprising anymore other than how dauntless they are about their anti-white propaganda.


Who is this dumb bitch doing tricks is some sophia camel plane?  What sort of greatness has this unknown aviator brought to the unwashed masses?

Answer: its the 125 birthday of a black women who got a pilot’s license, the first one to do so.  Wow…


This one of course really helps take the cake of rewriting history.  The disturbing part is I tell people this and show them, and they shrug as if its no big deal.  But when you have 1000s of anti male/white propaganda, you start to secretly loathe yourself.  Very hard to break out of.

5 thoughts on “Typical jewgle propaganda

  1. The real aim is not in celebrating the first black female pilot, but in this forced celebration there be a push for little white boys to become indifferent to their forefathers creating aerial flight.

  2. How does it feel to be in a total police state, EK?

    You can’t believe anything you see, read or hear today. It is an exact inversion of how thing “ought” to be. The textbooks, professors, and media is mostly wrong and the fringes are mostly right.

    Just wait 20 years. They’ll be claiming minos did all the inventions white men did.

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