Actual good values of the Left, and why we should consider allying with segments pt1

For new readers let me state some things up front: I grew up an extreme leftist, super hard core environmentalist.  Never liked feminism at all but appreciated workers rights. Years later I saw the sham feminism was, as well as started swinging hard right.

Awakening is a process that takes many years, and part of mine started with alex jones, thinking his conspiracies were real and all that.  Swung to the alt right, liked trump a while, but saw trump for the crypto jew he is, and how I doubt this will be good for white males in the slightest.

Now…with all that said, I am thinking more and more the ‘right’ is a dead end for us.  As a hard leftist I was always stunned by the general paralysis the right was under, truly ‘reactive’ and never proactive.  Actually being on it, its painful.  In general the discussions are far more open then the left ever was.

I appreciate the intellectual honesty or at least openness, that is before it gets co-opted like daily stormer, therightstuff, alex jones etc etc.  I even see this on sites like breitbart or returnofkings where if you bring up the ‘jewish question’ you are labeled a nazi and ignored.

Some of the bad things about the alt-right is much like the actual right: we don’t do shit.  We have good online game to some extent but it is mostly pepe memes that is funny but has mostly run out of staying power.  Even useless leftists get out and protest.  Occupy wallstreet was insanely effective before the higher powers shut it down.

When is the right done ANYTHING?  Look at the stupid womens march thing, yes this did SHIT but now you have a million women charged to do ‘something’.  At the very least they are primed to post online, talk to friends and spread their belief like a contagion.

The right needs far more action.  This is one of the major flaws we are falling into idleness already.  There is this smugness of sorts that ‘fuck ya trump won, time to sit back and enjoy the ride!”

I used to consider myself alt-right, but its been coopted pretty hard.  Labels dont really matter.  In the next post I’ll talk about why some people on the left are actually really good people we should converting to the cause.


15 thoughts on “Actual good values of the Left, and why we should consider allying with segments pt1

  1. The right has always relied maybe too much on the government to just realign itself. Our idleness, of us with actual morals, is going to slowly destroy all of us. You’re right, we only have a little bit of online game and that’s it. However, this online foundation that we DO have could be just what we need to reach a massive amount of people to form something as huge as the women’s march.

    • I think you hinted at the problem – idleness because we expect people to DO GOOD. I knew a lot of old school repub types, they would NEVER rebel etc because they believe ‘itll all work out in the end’

  2. There are few leftist WNs, but they are in general stronger than rightist WNs, who are in the majority. It is a great credit to you to have such a background.

    The striking thing about leftism, and I mean this in a “good” way, is their complete lack of morality. They just want to win, whatever it takes. They are winning day and night. I admire their ruthlessness.

    At this point in your career, you may profit more by reading radical leftist publications than any “mainstream” (for us) WN material. Most of that you already know. and there is little left to learn.

    It is like a breath of fresh air to read books like “Steal This Book” or about monkeywrenching.

  3. The Left/Right categories are defunct. All individuals and collectives are measured by degrees of anti-white Supremacy from oblivious to outright mob nemesis. All those considered “right” simply serve as promixate benchmarks for “white supremacy” and thus become the objects justifying “radical autonomy.” “We” understand that genuine white Supremacy DOES NOT EXIST as a collective force. But the anti-white Supremacist believes “white supremacy” to be the most dominant collective force of “evil…” While this same “white supremacy” is ever mercilessly mocked and ridiculed as a collective “joke.” This SPLIT perspective is evidence of a high degree of anti-white Supremacy and its associated status signaling LOOKS LIKE THOSE celebrities crazies.

  4. The “left” is valueless by anti-conceptual design. Possessing no “values” is how to operate by “any means necessary.” Yet, operating in such fashion makes one terminable without consent. So the “game” is “elevated” to a primitive mimesis that reduces to a sort of reverse-psychology.

    The parasite “desires” a host with PARASITIC TENDENCIES and so he gorges around the extreme edges searching for imitators. These parasitic imitators then become the neo-fanatics who provoke a VIOLENT backlash from a regenerate aspect of the host. They get squashed, but The Big Parasite lives on. As some time though, one runs out of initiators and then it is devour your own. Terminable without consent. The life of a parasite.

  5. Saw this on the interwebz that might be apropos:

    It’s long, but the synopsis is this: the left is MUCH better at organizing. You might say it’s their only real skill. But that organization makes them almost impossible to fight, since before they do something like bomb a building, they make sure they have the lawyers on their side to keep them put of jail, or guards enough to get them out. If you want to beat the left, you have to dismantle their institutions. I like that Trump is going after the EPA and PP. It’s a good start.

    • One has to “organize” if in possession of a mob mentality. So “organization” needs to be deconstructed as the term utilized to give impression of a GOOD effect of a mob mentality. The centralizing force of the Left is not “organization,” but perverted sexual degeneracy THAT NOW APPEARS HIGHLY ORGANIZED.

      “We” call this “organization” the “Sexual Revolution” and IDEALIZE IT into mass ideology.

      It is the organized sexual assault on our white daughters and white sons.

      • “Planned Parenrhood” is a diabolical euphemism for mass self-annihilation. Ergo, “Planned Parenthood” is evidence of demonic organization.

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