The co-option of the alt-right by the jews

A really good story you need to read is here , long story short the leader of this ultra right website is…surprise…a jew.

This is the same guy that charged the stage at some meeting and did a ‘heil hitler’ salute which of course the media ate up.  This is also the guy that came up with the (([echo})) (mistake purposeful) symbol to identify jews.  So fucking ironic.  I suspect it is a jewgle search engine trick to help easily find people using that.

There is a lot of discussion that ‘daily stormer’ is actually run by some guy that is a crypto jew, or at least not legit.  I thought the site used to be ok, but its pretty trashy these days honestly.

So, in case it needs to be spelled out, essentially the ‘main’ hyper right sites are actually run by extreme leftists, the only ‘control the opposition’.  This is the same thing stonerwithaboner talks a lot about how jack donovan a ‘male power’ guy is actually a faggot.  Just like milo is a ‘leader’ of the alt right and of course is a fagot as well.

I suppose it shows the movement is legitimately dangerous that it is infiltrated so thoroughly.  But it is like the alex jones trick of having like 80% truth, but capturing people and diverting them from the final part.  This is of course why we still NEVER get anti-israel topics on breitbart etc.  or the massive over the top of dailystormer all trying to get everyone to out themselves.

Sad.  Be careful out there.


10 thoughts on “The co-option of the alt-right by the jews

  1. I think a strong WN could have a mino or jew wife. It is rare but possible.

    Some white women hate themselves so much that they marry niggers or spics. There are equivalent mino women that like racist men because they hate themselves. Some jew women fantasize about Nazi men.

    I swear, some WNs, like James Lafonde, must have been slave-owners in a past life. He just wants to keep female nigger slaves.

    The “core” of the Alt Right is still racists, skins, white power folk and pagans raised on William Pierce, Rockwell, and Covington. Everything else is should be suspected. I don’t know who half these new people are, and they must be nuts to use their real names in such a manner.

    A good friend WN once told me that the jews’ average IQ would lead them to leading a WN movement just because they are smarter. Therefore, he said, WNs might take jew wives and raise the kids racist. He may be right.

  2. From now on, mentally, try to categorize every WN you meet. Experience will make you good at this. Xtian/pagan? Experienced or not? Age? Know Murka is a police state? how they handle feminism? and so on.

    You know about the AR (alt right.) The traditional route to WN has the student learning Pierce, Rockwell, HAC, reading their books and then going to the internet.

    Most on the AR have never done that. They have “holes” in their nationalism, from jews, feminism, xtianity, and so on.

    Xtian WNs are almost always more moderate. They have to be. A xtian must answer questions about jews, minos in heaven, the equality of man.

    What you will find is extremist pagans and moderate xtians. Anything by Tom Metzger is good.

    In general, the pagan type is much stronger. This guy must be one of the strongest WNs in the world, and most experienced. He is a Rhodesian/Boer. Unfortunately, he mostly does talks.

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