Girl sells out family for SJW and ‘anti racism’ oh and 30k

In a story more fitting for a (((YKW))) family, this game named allie dowdle was dating a black guy and her dad told her no.  So whats the logical, millennial, smart phone addicted future slut to do?  Go only and sell out her family for 10k.

She has raised over 30k so far, but in the process likely devastated her family permanently.  The irony of how fucked up she is, I bet mr jamal is probably called ‘daddy’ during sex.  I doubt they will stay together, of course not.  She will go on her hypergamous way and learn for her whole life that she can play victim and get money for it.  My god have mercy on her soul…actually never mind fuck her, that race traitor can burn.,


I like this comment:

name: Myron Gains

Sloots gonna sloot bbc strikes again


28 thoughts on “Girl sells out family for SJW and ‘anti racism’ oh and 30k

  1. For the love of all that is holy, 30k? Maybe I need to set up a Patreon based on selling wooden toys to inner city black kids – I could make some sweet bank! I swear modern American millennials are suckers!

  2. The “everybody gets a trophy” generation, all grown up, morphs into “I can fuck whoever I want and nobody (not even mom and dad) can tell me it’s wrong”.

  3. It’s even more insidious when one realizes that her father denies it being a racial thing on his part. So it is a lose/lose/lose on all fronts for freedom-loving white man.

      • I’m not banned. Just limited to two comments per day. It’s no biggie. One gets wS or he doesn’t. I’ve engaged PA for years. He doesn’t want to get it. Hasn’t even conceived Polish Supremacy in the interim. The reality is that everyone is some degree of anti-wS… Some degree of egalitarian… Some degree just short of Perfection. The “white man” and the white man are both at a last radical step… One at Final Liberation and the other at white Supremacy. The dynamics make for a mass self-annihilation IF the psychological war is won by the wS. Otherwise, it is a perpetuating self-annihilation. The moral tale of a wS is directly tied to his facilitation of this mass “white” self-annihilation. We are at an epic moment in time.

        • Hey TD I am surprised you are such a Christian, do the arguments that it is a slave religion and slave morality hold any sway with you? Have you read ‘beyond good and evil’ or ‘generation of morals’ by neitzche?

          • No… The attempted smear comes from the lips of anti-wS.

            Christianity is a Supremacist doctrine.

            Christianity is the claim for the existence of The Perfect Man…

            The Perfect Man is the self-evident falsification of “universal equality.”

            Worshipping The Perfect Man IS Logic. In other words, white man knows he is logical when he worships The Perfect Man.

            So the white Christian is a white Supremacist… A believer in objective Supremacy and staunch anti-egalitarian.

            When cucked “white Christian” denies white Supremacy, he publicly deconverts from Christianity.

          • But Jesus preached the doctrine of equality. He himself was a beggar and essentially given much of what he had, I don’t see a strong ‘will to power’ there.

          • If one is an anti-egalitarian then one is a Supremacist.

            But the particular taboo is against white anti-egalitarian… Against the white Supremacist.

            Now, Euro-ethnic national socialists are anti-white Supremacy.

            PA is a Polish Catholic who does not, I believe, push national socialism. So, as a Polish Catholic anti-egalitarian, he is, essentially, a white Supremacist. He will not embrace this label. He will not even embrace the label of Polish Supremacist.

            For modern “white” male, our crisis is about forming a solid identity which NECESSITATES an identifiable origin and set destination.

      • And so he, like all white fathers, must be ready to flip the script.

        Not wanting your white daughter to mudshark IS A SIGN ON A HEALTHY MIND…

        NOT CARING of your black daughter brought home a “white supremacist” IS PATHOLOGICAL…

        Telling a white girl that she is “racist” if she doesn’t willingly mudshark IS IDEOLOGICAL RAPE.

        Claiming one doesn’t care about his daughter’s sexual selections IS CROOKED CUCKMIND…

        • Edit:

          Not wanting your white daughter to mudshark IS A SIGN [OF] A HEALTHY MIND…

          NOT CARING [if] your black daughter brought home a “white supremacist” IS PATHOLOGICAL…

  4. If you are a black father and your daughter brIngs home a “white supremacist” and yooz cool wit it… You are a PATHOLOGICAL “black father.”

    Now apply “equality.”

    Clearly, there is a pathological “white father” in this girl’s life. They are both locked in a symbiotic regression.

  5. She wanted to burn the coal and “stick it” to her family. She probably only dated him because he was black and its the “cool” thing to do. Then it was a smear piece on her family because “no one tolerates my CURRENT YEAR relationship”

    No white family wants to be taking care of of a half black grandchild that the father will bail on and the mudshark will abandon to ride the CC until some useless faggot wifes her up after a 50+ cock count.

    Nothing of value was lost here.

    • A daughter with that mentality doesn’t just emerge from a vacuum. A daughter like this arises where a white father SAYS this punishment wasn’t racially inspired. In other words, daddy is not punishing daughter for being a mudshark, but punishing her for crossing some other serious line in the sand.

      The only thing worse than telling a rebellious daughter not to do X so that they will do X it is to tell them that you don’t care if they mudshark so that they will mudshark.

      • Edit:

        The only thing worse than telling a rebellious daughter not to do X so that [she] will do X it is to tell [her] that you don’t care if [she] [mudsharks] so that [she] will mudshark [AND then you are made to reiterate your tolerance for mudsharking as a “white father.”]

        • Nothing to argue here. Everyone knows that a daughter bringing Jamal to Sunday dinner is horrible. He WAS racially motivated but too much of a pussy to say anything. If he told her he forbade her to date the black guy, then cut off her money and she still was with him, then he just failed raising her.

          Telling her “no no Its not because I’m racist” he basically said go fuck Jamal all you want.

        • It’s always a battle of Truth versus everything less.

          The point of attack for Evil and all its subsidiaries are basic and go right to attacking a coherent conception of the Self. This coherent conception of the Self being divinely tied to one’s idea of Perfection, i.e., objective Supremacy. Evil has worked to destroy this regenerating “paradigm” within the mind of the high IQ “white” male. So “cause” and “effect” are one and the same.

          Daughters have a unique conception of themselves wholly separate from the self conceptions of the sons. And then some day my sons and your daughters or my daughters and your sons will marry. What is the real tie that will bind?

  6. another home wrecking negro pushing himself on the family knowing damn well he is seen as the oil in the stream,could care less his arrogant ass aint going nowhere.these uncle toms think they can show up and drop off their niglets foe whites to raise?hell no id drown em in a 5 gallon bucket,but it would never get that foar because one he showed his worthless ass around my daughter I would have cracked his fuckin skull.thats the only thing a nigga understands white people .AN ASS KICKING…that’s it,dont let them have an opportunity to plant their seed.but that still wont solve these kind of women crossing over to the darkside because they are born that way,i don’t think it is learned.its a fetish and basing a lifetime with someone over a fetish is bound to end badly.and I know I could never truly love niglet kids .I cant relate to that empty look in their eyes and the nose and the frizzy hair ,some of them come out looking like Ronald McDonald n shit.just stop having kids if you insist on doing that because these niggrs tend to use white women as baby making machines {Heidi scum comes to mind}they go after single parent homes where there is no dad next thing you know the mudshark is pregnant le page was right that’s exactly what they do.they think its funnier than hell to drop their mutant offspring with whitey to raise,while he stalks out the next white genepool to pollute….we need to shoot these niggas.if they insist on exploiting oour women.just don’t get caught.ornyou will retire to the shitskin inn.{state prison}

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