Why the Alpha/Beta divide is stupid, and wrong

Coming from an environmental background it bothers me the whole ‘alpha vs beta’ thing that infests the ‘redpill’ type areas of the internet.  Essentially you are either a blood thirsty, no fucks given ‘alpha’ or a servile bitch boy beta.

There are massive problems with this, first of all is at its root it is a leftist type strategy of simplifying things into black and white: you are either 100% badass or you are a simpering bitch.

The off shoot off this is you have a majority of guys who are not ‘alpha’ trying to force themselves into these false stereotypes, which is probably why girls think so many guys are trash.  ‘Well I cant be a simpering bitch, better start being a ruthless badass’.

The problem beyond that it is a white/black false dichotomy is that it simply isn’t true.  There is a scale of these things, and even in wolf hierarchy there is more than just this.  Beta’s are SECOND IN COMMAND and are ready to take control of the pack.  They are not simpering, not servile.


This false dichotomy, most strongly seen over on shitholes like reddit ‘theredpill’ where psuedo-alpha keyboard warriors where unless you are ceo 10k/day you are pathetic.  This is where the problem is, where is the ‘middle ground’ badass where maybe he is the upper manager of some company, someone like that could be attractive to girls but is UTTERLY invisible in this false alpha vs beta.

‘redpill’ knowledge helped me a lot, but it truly is ‘toxic’ (in a way far different than feminists would say) where it tries to craft people into this illusion they never will live up to.  Instead of a realistic view of wolves where the social hierarchy shifts around, and losers CAN in fact rise out of bottom we are stuck in ‘either be #1 or go die loser’ type falsehood.  No wonder so many guys kill themselves.


12 thoughts on “Why the Alpha/Beta divide is stupid, and wrong

  1. You know what EK, I’ve been around the red pill stuff from when most of it started and you perfectly described why it never made me happy. The lack of middle ground.

    I really do like the core concepts of red pill “knowledge” because in a society where most people’s fathers are bitches or non-existent, it helps to try to learn these things you should have already known.

    And I agree /r/theredpill has gone down hill. Its a dick measuring contest over there. Its like the people on /fit/ pretending to be world class body builders when 99% of them are just fat fucks or normal looking people trying to get help.

    Maybe we need to rebrand/move away from all that. The most “beta” thing, in their use of the word, is getting a bunch of guys on a subreddit to validate your “badassery”

    Good article.

    • Reddit in general is a source of faggoty fucks. I would go to the ems/fire boards sometimes and everyone over there is helicopter pilot fire fighter capitian who works as an er doctor. In general I stay away from that site, its a place where people waste tons of time while assuaging their effeminate egos

      • Spot-on. It’s a leftist faggot echo chamber where agreeing with the group think is the only way. Trp was OK when I first saw it, but the truth is gone. Everyone on trp deadlifts 700 lbs, fucks 10 supermodels a day, and makes $20k a month working from home. The whole site is a LARPing degenerate fuck fest.

  2. I’m not sure I totally agree with you here. I have seen several red-pill posts and blogs that encourage, for LTRs, a healthy mix of alpha/beta traits. Of course, we are talking about people who want to be in LTRs to begin with, which I know some men don’t want. For myself, a Christian man, I see full alpha as control without love, and full beta as love without control. This doesn’t work for LRTs or marriages. I have encouraged the other men I have talked to about red-pill stuff (not that I called it red-pill) to mix the two traits and use them where appropriate, but to never give in to either fully.

  3. It’s a lot like masculinity. Alpha is simply an ideal to strive towards. A jacked, handsome, 29 year old CEO, of a fortune 500 company, with multiple passions, several mansions in different countries, tons of hot women to felate him at a phone calls notice.

    Is all this ever going to be true? Probably not. But it’s the ideal that really matters. It’s a lot like religion in that way. As long as you are moving, no matter how slowly in that direction… you can wake up, look in the mirror and have absolutely no shame.

  4. This idea of “all or nothing” comes from the notion of the ladder, or that women are constantly looking to trade up. While not entirely false, it’s not entirely true, either. Some girls realize a “beta” is the best they’ll do and stop looking once they find a suitable one. 8.5s and 9s are going to shit-test the hell out of every man they meet looking for fried ice, but most of us aren’t dating strings of them so it’s not a problem. Of course, most women can be convinced that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you can’t do it if you’re thirsty. That’s what all these internet alphas can never be.

  5. I completely agree. 🙂 cuz all you end up with is people trying to be what is not truly within them. I think the problems all started from immature selfish women tbh.

    Imma philosophize with you a bit on this about why I believe these aspect came into play. I truly see this everyday in this work and believe I know where it started. The men were chasing unattainable self righteous mental cases. They realized that being sweet,loving and considerate was not bringing in the results they wanted. If you go to the “alpha” body building forums you will see exactly what I mean. These men are in there venting their pain like a perse “Beta.” They are heartbroken and hurt and their buddies know exactly what its about and encourage them to be more “Alpha.” Ie..don’t give two shit or a fuck and ignore the broad.

    I agree with ignoring the chick but then the advice starts seeming to be that he lost her completely by being beta at all from the beginning. They cohearse him to be an alpha but they basically are telling him that his best wasn’t good enough and he is supposed to not care to get women.

    That is horrible advice and it engrains it into the males to be assholes to perfectly sweet women; and utterly put them at risk for ruining a potentially very fulfilling experience later down the road.The truth in my theory from reading tons of alpha/beta forum advice columns is it is the woman they are attaching to not them. I am sure there is things they could work on to polish the edges or their personality, and become more comfortable in their own skin but all in all it is the woman they are pursuing.

    Most men want a woman they can show off and that is very apeasing to the eyes bit the problem is tons of men are coming at her and she gets spoiled rotten. It is best to find the ugly duckling girl who has not been gorgeous her entire life cause she appreciates a good wholesome loving man as opposed to a spoiled rotten chick.

    I believe a man should only give as much as he gets in return for affection and attention. If he has self respect and is comfortable with his own self then he would not even think of being someone he is not to gain a woman’s attention. The women these men are chasing have no taste and no substance and that is what you get. An experience that is not enriching or exciting, if you encounter these women. If we have to change for someone else to love and accept us and we ate emotionally sound people with kind hearts then it will only bring us down when we can’t live up to these ways hat are not within us.

    If we stay focused on the calmness that a good woman brings and not calamity and confusion the ungrateful unloving ones bring then we would use that as a gage.

    I would never change and be alpha and beta for anyone. I Am comfortable within myself and if a woman wont open her eyes to see what I have to offer then she is not worth my time and effort. There are too many women out there to get hung up on anyone who is going to take away from my life. I don’t have time to invest to get a trashy woman to appreciate my love.

    After those women get used enough you can be assured she will eventually calm down and realize she wants a good man and not someone to treat her like crap. They have to get it out of their systems. Sewing wild oats kinda thing, but if she cant see me for who I am then she isnt on my level and I have to move on.

    • Interesting theory, here is the problem, online forums only got onto the scene at max say 10-15 years ago, femenism had been rocking for 2 generations. Women were already destroyed it was the forums that caused a backlash, while internet also unleash inner sluts through social media.

  6. First: Thanks for a great post. Second, I think the lack of “gray” creates an opportunity for either a full on Carl Panzram pyscho or a Elliot Rodgers nut. Fatherhood and the Christian life are good. Marriage/LTR (because of our legal environment) are stability. RP has helped me somewhat but I fight the urge to go completely “black”.

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