Some Okcupid ‘privilege’ in action

So got some more lolz for you guys at the expense of the depravity we find ourselves in.  First lets go with that my fake guy profile got banned because I bitched at the girl coming later in this post.


I have talked before about shadow banning and soft banning and how the lastest thing they do is they don’t let you know you have been banned.  They simply don’t let you log on (technical difficulties…. my girl logged on right after. I even tried different browsers) or you will get on but your comments wont post etc.  THIS APPLIES TO EVERY MAJOR (((YKW))) site.

Anyway, so here is the girl in question, obviously fake bitch I reported a few times but of course girls>>>guys.  I remember some years ago all ‘girls’ got some paid features for free guys had to shell money out for.


This used up bitch tried to cliam this was ‘her’.  A easy reverse image shows hundreds of results for the pic.  I pointed this out ‘oh that is actually me’.  Needless to say, my guy got taken down in the crossfire:


Here is her profile, again click for better view.


The * symbol is a note because certain things in her profile sound fake – ie scammer.  I had run into profiles before where they word things strange.  Plus no girl is going to have an age range that high.  Girls want someone a few years either way, guys want 18-22 all else being equal.

My suspicion is that this is likely a girl (guys make short fake ones, no need to get elaborate) and may look loosely like her and is ‘seeing whats out there’.  Anyway, even though its prob fake there is a chance it is not, and is UTTERLY TYPICAL of the entitlement most find.


10 thoughts on “Some Okcupid ‘privilege’ in action

  1. It is almost impossible to find a decent woman on those dating sites. They are usually people who have low self esteem and need all kinds of attention,personality disorders,and mental disorders, or able to photo shop and ugly as sin. The only ones who ae decent to have convos with are usually very huge…

    They usually never have time to go out cause they are dating a bunch more getting free meals and using their sexuality to get bills paid. I have yet to find one normal girl on a dating site. The ones that make it seem they are busy doing things with their life are usually the ones fucking every tom dick and harry they find “cute” or have money; and they are only busy if you just want to shoot the shit and find out if you really are even attracted to them before you start investing money!!

    When I fill my profile it is usually based off the horrible experiences meeting those people has brought. So it sounds kinda arrogant bit it is just cynicism that I am tired of playing games and want someone with some damn Substance.

    You are right the age thing always got me when they ask for someone that old. I feel it is a money hungry move if not a bot. They will date an old guy but only if has money kinda thing.

    If you want women with any taste she wont be on any dating site. You will only find confused little girls that think they can gain status with their lip…;) 😉 Real women are out in the real work doing real things. You will get lucky like winning the lottery finding a good one on plenty of sluts or okstupid.

  2. That’s a pretty sweet picture. Almost looks like Catwoman in the old 1990 movie or Trinity.

    Do you use online crap for all your dating needs?

  3. PurplePeopleEater said it best. If you are too much of an attention whore/socially awkward cunt that you can’t get a guy with his shit together, then you use dating sites. The guys on them can be just as bad. Usually beta, pussy worshiping bitch boys.

  4. I only worship pussy if it is grade A meat and I have never found a woman with grade A meat. 😛 ALWAYS just above dog food. I have even settled for dog food if I’m hungry enough. Bahahah I could care less about getting laid though.

    I just want someone who I can have an intellectual conversation with a sense of humor and that’s attractive to me.That is apparently too much to ask nowadays.

    I met one that was a cutter, scarred up and down her arm. Within the first week she was in the asylum for suicide threats. Another was living with a guy who banged different girls and she got to watch. Wtf! Haha I asked was she worried about stds…she got angry at me cuz he luuuvs her..dont I know that!!! Only good men let you watch and fuck you with a dirty dick.

    They were all batty as was on the phone texting some guy the entire date. Mind you she was not really my type a pretty big entity, well she was sweet and had a pretty face but she still had the nerve to make our date about some guy who hit it and quit it. So at the end I said going Dutch…she acted like I had hurt her and sulked and she went in for a goodnight kiss I swopped for a hug. Haha

    One was borderline…asked me have a kid with her the first night we ever met after a month of texting…came back pregnant 6 months later and expected me to help her raise the child????! Just looney tunes all around the board. I have an extreme screening process now and don’t even go on to the dating sites anymore.

    The best place to find a good woman is just to approach one out at Barnes and nobles or start going to a coffee shop hangout regularly and just approach one that seems to catch your eye. Best is to join clubs or go to hangouts that don’t involve alcohol and drugs and something you are into as well…perfect conversation starter.

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