Typical modern ‘gurl’


Make sure you click on the picture to make it bigger, it really say everything you need to know about modern degeneracy.


8 thoughts on “Typical modern ‘gurl’

  1. What a winner we have here.

    “Being the water, not the rock” Stagnant, disease infested water is still water.

    “Curvy” aka fat. no surprise here

    Thank God she doesn’t want to procreate, though she’ll baby trap some sucker some day.

    Shes 28 and is looking for someone 21-35. AKA looking for young cock or beta bux.

    I love these posts. You should be honored its only a 15% match but even that seems like too much for comfort.

  2. Dude, that is a golden opportunity.

    You should play like you are a girl. “Confess” that you hate the niggers and the jew. That isn’t bad, is it 🙂

    These betas are so thirsty they’d do anything to get laid…even become racists! I bet you could reel them in.

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