March of degeneracy: Golden Globes


Tonight is the Golden Globes, a celebration of faggotry and vanity that is among the worst parts of our society and I would easily ally against a country that displayed such depravity.  This show is interesting because I specially remember over 10 years ago they were celebrating the push for gay marriage how it just made sense, how it was normal etc.

The push is relentless, this time they are talking about ‘cisgender’ and how important it is to help transgender people, and to be aware of our privilege.  Somehow we are privileged to have biologic normality and when we oppose normalness we are the ones that are messed up.

Really all it is is a shifting of the overton window.  We gave an inch and they take a mile.  Its predictable.

If you read history you know germany pre ww2 was utterly degenerate as well (but honestly we are probably infinitely worse) and when the pendulum swung back it swung hard.  When it inevitable does, so much of this is going to be washed away in streams of blood and ‘strong men’ if we don’t just fall into tribal max max scenarios.


14 thoughts on “March of degeneracy: Golden Globes

  1. I remember hearing about the cultural degeneracy of Germany and I must say, I agree that we are tenfold worse than that era. I left the room when I saw Ryan Reynolds spit a mint into Jimmy Fallon’s mouth, which was the very beginning of the show. Ridiculous!

      • Same here. In the past I would’ve identified more as a liberal until I figured out the agenda behind the scenes being pushed by that wing. I try not to go into details about them on my blog however, just in case I ever do try to enter the public sphere. I don’t want the baggage that Trump and Bannon have.

  2. Unrelated to the article, sorry

    I have to say, i’ve been scrolling around MGTOW forums, been banned from the MGTOW Subreddit but i have to say, i’m so glad i came across this forum. MGTOW is going downhill so quickly and i’m relieved to find a sect of MGTOW which seems to understand its tenets. Its becoming so infected with mummy issued losers, it’s getting embarrassing.

    Anyway, thanks again

    • Why is MGTOW going downhill? I don’t follow it closely.

      What I have seen, is that only hardcore racists believe in freedom of speech and liberty anymore. Anyone else, even “alt righters” censor the hell out of people, especially anti semites.

    • Yeah, I was a huge MGTOW, that is loosely how my blog started. I got banned off one, and a bunch of others teamed up on me when I was showing hesistation. I mentioned that if I found a good girl I’d date her and proceeded to get lynched, it was a shock of how much of a loser they actually were across the board. Welcome abroad here.

  3. “If you read history you know germany pre ww2 was utterly degenerate as well (but honestly we are probably infinitely worse) and when the pendulum swung back it swung hard.”

    History definitely repeats itself. The response to the light degeneracy by today’s standards that happened in 1933 will look like childs play when we take back the reins of the world.

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