The degeneracy is increasing quickly

Look at this picture, I troll online dating once in a while, and more and more I see a bunch of shit about ‘cisdenger’ and poly relationships that are absolutely out of control.  It has increased so fast in the last year or two.


She openly proclaims she has four lovers, one of which she is ‘married’ to.  This fucked up little troop is raising six kids to soon ‘free into the world’ which I wonder if she unironically understand the similarity to unleashes a parasite or illness.

How does a kid get raised in this shit?  I recently came in very brief contact with a girl I went to college with, she had a poly relationship, married, had some ‘dom’ relationship and was currently looking for someone to impregnate her so she could raise the kid.  Not unlike this bullshit.

I think a lot of the metaphor that a large train takes a long time to slow down.  America was a historical anomaly and its momentum is very massive, it is going to take a long time to finally stop moving, but these are signs of rot that unless purged will destroy the core.


13 thoughts on “The degeneracy is increasing quickly

  1. I disagree with it breeding rot. I am currently with a man for 12 yrs. We discussed going into everything about poly. It wasnt multiple lovers perse’ but an emotional understanding that having a woman with us was acceptable. It is never just casual. A larger support group for a child is never a bad idea.i believe They learn diversity and it expands their beliefs and all that comes with a larger family. It isnt ever okay for parents imo to have multiple lovers and to subject them to being attached and detached. I do agree that most of these poly relationships are very unhealthy and they show no loyalty and or devotion to their lovers but in my situation i do not let my child get attached to a woman or even bring her around unless she is of sound mind . It doesnt take away from a lover as long as u communicate every feeling & do not get serious right of the bat,moving should be an emotional support system not a sexcapade! Those are sluts n swingers not polyamorous. It should be about love not sex!

    • Is the woman different? Regardless of what you think, it is not normal for a kid to have more than one adult female that is not blood related (aunt/grandma) around. Esp if the relationship is sexual. Yes it could be ‘hot’ but it is also deprave.

  2. Yeah, but you are 82% matched with her brah! I hear wedding bells!

    Men put up with this stuff, which is why it happens. It’s the same with illegal immigration or the muzz.

    When white men become violent racist killers, feminism will die. Rock groups and bikers never had ‘feminist’ groupies.

  3. I was going to say that if your woman even brings up such an idea you should proceed to smack sense into her or outright get the fuck out of that relationship but then I realized that in order to actually get together with such scum you’d have to already be a cuck. Signs of one’s character show up during a relationship (and when sharing a large amount of time with anyone for that matter) and there’s no way even a woman can hide them all.

    The children born out of such a …thing… that I’m more inclined to call a demonic-like insanity than a relationship can only turn out broken, degenerate or both though the few that will have the will to seek the truth, find it and pick themselves up will most likely end up some of most radical fanatics.

  4. The fact that these people get to influence children is insane. Wether it’s poly, gay or some other degenerate “parents” the kid is always encouraged to embrace the degeneracy. Kids emulate the adults in their lives, so it perpetuates and the child grows up to be a broken degenerate himself.

    I think Ryu is right. These fucks need to just be straight up eradicated. It’s what our ancestors would have done.

    • It will be the children of Millenials that make the difference, Mono.

      They will have nothing. For them, WN will be about survival, not just entertainment. A white man today could get a high-paying job and live it up, if he wished. That will disappear soon. Already the world of Fight Club in an anachronism.

        • When I mention Fight Club today, the young WNs don’t even know WTF it is! They haven’t seen it.

          That world, where white boy can get a nice cushy office job for 60K a year and be totally comfortable, is gone.

          Of course, the struggle existed even in 1999. But if one had enough cash, he could ignore it. It was primarily white men who were feminized and their purpose taken from them. There could be no black or Mex or Muzz fight clubs. It was a white phenomenon only.

          I still like the movie. Project Mayhem is just a sort of direct action-lite.

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