Commitment to discipline for 2017

New Years resolutions are often lame because they fall apart so fast, I hated being at the gym and it was flooded with new people, by about march it was back to being empty and no one hanging out in the free weight zone.  But, for those who are committed, it can be a nice thing to be like ‘this year is going to be different’.


For me, I am going to be much more abstinent.  This is my major goal for the year as well as reduce non-productive internet use.  The first one though is something many guys really need to do, but often live in denial.  Porn, hookups, ONS, FWB etc are all really destructive to guys, its something that makes us think we are ‘winning’ when in fact we are not.

I have had my share from my pua days, and it was useful at the time to see ‘it could be done’ but all it really did was make me loosely addicted to it, as well as see how absolutely deprave women are.  I have had a bunch of ‘highlights’ ranging from a nurse I was banging and finding out she was married, to a few various girls that really loved be choked/slapped/tied down, for a man trying to do ANYTHING in this life, that depravity starts to rub off and its good.

I am taking an abstinence break for a while as it helps me think clearer.  My words flow easier, I can recall the right word, and my endurance is higher.  My strength does not change, so I won’t bullshit you on that kind of stuff, some of my best gym PRs were when I was addicted to porn, but running is absolutely destroyed and it ‘drains’ the body of some sort of vital energy, this is esoteric but has been very true for me.

Anyway heres to a good year, and if you are engaging in any positive changes lets hear about them.


13 thoughts on “Commitment to discipline for 2017

  1. I’ve quit smoking cigarettes, which was difficult.

    This year I plan on removing anything that doesn’t add value. I simply can’t watch TV/Netflix anymore due to how blatant the political agenda is in literally (Hitler) every show. Good riddance.

    I commented on your comment about quitting porn on my blog.

    I plan on reading more of the classics, and going on my first real cut, so that’s exciting.

    I think the key to sticking with “resolutions” are not thinking about it. Just get up and workout. If you think about looking at porn, get up and do something else. Works for me.

  2. I started off strong making music on my turntables. Im trying to make a hefty amount of remixes and dj at rave clubs. I already have the gas mask i am going to dj in. I want smoke machines by my sides. I also am working on not handing my heart out on a string to be swung at like a pinada.

  3. Too much sex damages a person. I believe that too EK.

    Look at pornstars of both genders who have been the industry for a long time. The men have a “cooked” or dry appearance. The women tend to become “rubenesque.”

    I think it is a “nervous system effect.” There is a central nervous system and a peripheral nervous system. The CNS handles the fight or flight stuff. I think sex taxes the CNS. One can’t call an activity relaxing where it increases the heart rate and arousal.

    • It is even more basic…

      Homo = same = EXACT SAME = Self…

      Homosexuality equals a sexual attraction to the Self.

      “Homosexuality” as “sexual attraction to the SAME” is liberated CUCK-speak.

      The implication being, ALL sexual relations OUTSIDE of regenerate CHRISTIAN sexual tradition IS HOMOSEXUALITY… Sexuality ALL ABOUT THE SELF.

      The desire is RADICAL SEXUAL AUTONOMY… HOMO-sexuality… Sex with Self… All the sexual “deviations” are a manufactured smokescreen obscuring the true nature of the junkie in the chaos of his ESCALATING ADDICTION to “gorjism.” He literally needs vast sums of “wealth” to feed his habit no different than a crackhead nigger.

      The global phenomenon of anti-white Supremacy is real.

      And it starts with desire for HOMO-sexuality, i.e., SELF-ANNIHILATION.

      The “white supremacist” is then the mechanism of self-destruction.

        • Sounds homo… But I would have to know the entire context before I would say anything definitive. The reality doesn’t change though. A “metaphysics” that demands the degradation and decimation of the physical is nonsensical. Ergo, ANY mad “metaphysical” design that perpetuates self-annihilation (read: facilitates in the homo’s perpetuating) is actually radical ideology.

          The enemies of wS have been attempting to interpret white Christianity as HOMO for two-thousand years whether as sadistic sexual savages or passively aloof, comedians of critique.

          • I wouldn’t waste my money on any juice unless there were some obvious payout involved. It’s a drug like any drug that induces desire for more of that drug WHETHER IT WORKS OR FAILS. What lab produces your stuff is also critical. If you don’t know then you are just rolling the dice. Lastly, steroids induce aging in the long run. In other words, you juice it up now with a cost of some time taken off at the end.

            If you just desire wellness, everybody I know swears by HGH that has used it. But it’s more expensive and makes your bones grow again over the long term. Stallone and Mickey Rourke are good examples.

            Other than that, juice doesn’t really do much for fight training other than what it would do in general… Add weight mostly through water retention and some new muscle. But unless you are going to systemically cycle for the long run in order to perfect your regiment (less water retention, more muscle), what’s the actual point? Get big and strong for a minute and then return to baseline?

      • Do you mean when a “normal” person becomes ruthless?

        I have seen such a look overtake a person. It’s quite beautiful. If only more WNs were willing to do it.

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