Movie previews – more man bashing and race mixing

I rarely watch main stream tv other than when it is on at someplace I am at.  I saw the holiday movie previews and shook my head at how blatant the propaganda is – but remember the virtue of propaganda is that people don’t know its happening.

Most of my readers are out of the loop enough they can see this stuff without falling for it, but you have to remember the average person CAN NOT they have be inculcated to believe race mixing is good, blacks are just as smart and so on.

So as far as the movies went nearly EVERY one had a black lead, or if it was a white person they were outnumbered by black supporting characters.

Here are a few other big takeaways:

“takes a man to raise a man” to which an angry looking woman chirps back “I dont think so!” to which we are supposed to believe.

Next up was some some space program saved by blacks, I am not even joking.  They say based on a true story during the 60/70s somehow the blacks single-handedly saved the space program for us. Given their general tendency of understanding astro-physics (ie none) I suspect this is a massive leeway of the truth.

Next is some intercity black story about a kid of how hard he has it and how he triumphs due to good black parenting to make it in life.

A few more of this trash, and it goes back to the announcers where the faggot white guys try to out un-racist each other “you know I saw manchester by the sea and it just really blew me away how great it was!”


4 thoughts on “Movie previews – more man bashing and race mixing

  1. Most of it is camouflaged by bad humor and mixed with other truth. The most dangerous lie is the one mixed with truth. This propaganda is ongoing for last 20 years at least.

  2. Visual media like TV and movies are dangerous drugs. One has to be very careful about what he consumed today.

    Murka WAS the white ethnostate, EK. As recently was 40 years ago, there were movies like Boss Nigger or Cheech and Chong. Yeah, mang.

    Propaganda can work both ways. There are some pro-white movies out there. You have to look in the past though, like 30 years ago.

    “Street Smart” was this movie about a Mr Clean white journo who gets involved with a nigger pimp. This was in the 80s, so Morgan Freeman played huslters rather than scientists.

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