Loneliness is a virtue

Very few people know what loneliness is, I think a majority of my readers actually might more than most.  I don’t mean in a ‘loser’ way but that certainly can suffice.  I am referring to a larger extent of physical or intellectual loneliness.  If you are not watching the lastest shows, that puts you in the ‘weird’ came pretty fast.

Most modern shows are jokes, slapstick, toilet humor that is literally stupefying, yet 90% of people watch this shit.  That or sports.

Reading books puts you in rarefied company as well.

But, I think this generation more than most men must learn to deal with TRUE loneliness.  Girls have been destroyed by feminism, they are not interested in having families, and sex has been reduced to a commodity.  When girls can rack up 10, 20, 50 partners and its no big deal (on a dating site okc, there is a question ‘if you partner has 14 sexual partners, this sounds? And almost every girl writes ‘normal’)  NORMAL.  Normal that some bitch has taken 14+ cocks straight into her womb, only staving off pregnancy due to pills.

How can a girl like this EVER be loyal?  They can’t.  Guys are driven by logic and duty, it is much more normal to assume they can rack up kills (still not a good idea) and realize they need to commit to this family, whereas a girl ‘oh he doesnt make me FEEL GOOD anymore!’

The sad thing is, most girls are not capable of conversation, loyalty, or much of anything beyond sex anymore.  It is a vicious circle of using tthem for the only thing they are good for, and it only leaves them worse.

A man who has any drive, any talent is going to be alone for the most part.  It is not a joke to say I consider some of my major readers and commenters my ‘friends’ like Ryu, Thor, monolith, TAnon because of an intellectual rarity that is so often absent ‘in real life’.

It sucks to be alone, but even when I have been with girls, its distant, like a drug.  They don’t really understand anything.  They can’t.  When it comes down to it, we are alone in our mind and our heart.  That is a reality so many people do not understand.  You have to live in the darkness for a while to understand this.


11 thoughts on “Loneliness is a virtue

  1. Much of it is deliberate.

    WN used to be a hands-on, face to face affair. Major infiltrations in the 80s and mid 90s lead the change to the cellular or leaderless resistance method. If not for that, WN could have been destroyed easily.

    Have you ever spoken to an old school skin or WN? Like, 1970s?

    You’d hear a different tune. Used to be, every WN in the US virtually knew one another. Of course, the surveillance state was much smaller back then.

  2. I completely understand. In social circles I often don’t have anything to really talk about because these people are so wrapped up in superficial bullshit that I simply cannot relate. I feel the same way about you guys here because no one in real life ever talks about the stuff we talk about here due to numerous factors, but most likely fear.

    Even on a social level, if I try to “red pill” people its met with disdain or shock. I like to call it the burden of the intellectual. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a mindless dolt living in the bubble, but I simply cannot. It is strange when everyone is going on about what happened on Game of Thrones, or what someone said on Twitter. Its all so fake so I guess living in the real world is worth that bit of social “suicide” because at least we see things for what they are, not what we want them to be.

  3. Depression is a stage in a WN’s development. All go through it if they survive long enough.

    Remember what Nietzsche talked about. The purpose of the revalation of all values was not to create a new humanity, but of lone individuals, his superman. Everything rare for the rare, everything common for the common.

  4. Loneliness is in the rejection.

    So you become force projection.

    Once you recognize ALL are some degree of self-annihilating anti-white Supremacist…

    Then wS serves as your antidote to a lonely “radical autonomy.”

    It is piddling to lament that all is not rare.

    The white Supremacist is always just a rare remnant DULY CAPABLE of perpetuation.

    Find your spot in white Supremacy and let loneliness be to those who suffer “radical autonomy.”

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