Not giving a fuck allows you to focus on what matters

I am plowing through a book called ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’ and despite the cheeky title and the pretty abysmal first chapter of him throwing ‘fuck’ around tons, it actually gets pretty good, it talks about how our current society is in this massive nihilistic depression because we all think we ‘should’ be happy and see everyone else happy.

It is a pretty interesting book because he talks about how we need to pick virtues and goals to live by and something like ‘I want to be happy’ is a recipe for disaster because we CANNOT be happy all the time.  This is like the NAWALT girl I doted on a bit a few days ago (she left to go travel, I see how AWALT she actually was, a girl who sopism did not allow her to realize the consequence of her actions).

I tried talking to AWALT girl about how you can’t chase happiness as the goal of life, she was legitimately confused why this couldn’t be the case.  That was strike one.  Strike two was later when she mentioned she had to take her birth control pills for her bf, strike 3 came not much after when she admitted she was a heroin addict before she saw the light.

Anyway, so we only have a set number ‘of fucks to give’ a day, and when we spend them on stupid shit – namely what people think, what we ‘should’ do, if that girl is going to text etc that is less thing we can spend on stuff that should matter.  Often I waste WAY too much time with dumb bitching texting or not texting me.  This is time and brain power not devoted to writing, thinking or anything else important.

The main thing in the book is to think about what SACRIFICE we are willing to endure, not the goal.  Everyone wants a fancy car, a trip to the beach, but what is the sacrifice we are willing to pay?  Working 5 years straight at a shitty job?  Or with love, are we able to endure endless fucking games/heartbreak and lonely nights for love?

I am reminded of a bodybuilding quote ‘Everyone wants to be strong, no one wants to lift heavy weight’.  Like AWALT girl if I worked out only because ‘it was fun’ I would have left a long time ago.  There has to be virtue in our life that makes our decisions NOT based on if we feel good, or if it ‘makes us happy’.  Life is not something where happiness is a normal state.


18 thoughts on “Not giving a fuck allows you to focus on what matters

  1. You’re lucky we saved you, EK. Your snowflake is wrecked!

    It is normal to feel a range of emotions, sometimes nothing at all. Seems to be a liberal fantasy that everyone be happy all the time.

    Who is this book-dude? Was he influenced by the PUAs, or is he just a motivational speaker?

    Yeah buddy! Ronnie is funny. He’s a buck-simple negro but he makes me laugh too. He used to be a pig.

    In roll-call, he’s like twice the size of anyone there but no one arrests him for roids. I learned from him how easy being a cop really was.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve read anything about this yet, but some female WNs are totally nuts. Be careful.

    Some of these chicks scare me! :O

      • She’s a quite famous WN actually. She likes feminism but hates the alt right with a passion.

        If you haven’t seen the type before, you might store away this data. There are many female WNs like her.

          • The alt-rite is anti-white Supremacy so an acute hatred of “it” is rather sound for a wn.

          • More and more women are like this, who are “WNs” but hate the alt right. Probably its PUA and the MRM they dislike. I think only straight white men can take the full red pill doseage.

          • The alt-rite is pro-abortion (read: advocates for the “right” of white female self-annihilation), soft on homosexuality (read: tolerant of self-annihilation) and lack all probity on the issue of miscegenation (read: think like assimilationists and possess no inkling of imperial drive).

            What is not to hate about the alt-kike if you are a white female trending towards wS?

          • It’s a purification process.

            No one goes from nothing to WS. You yourself took many, many years TD.

            I look at the alt right as a great experiment. They initially found the conservatives and republicans too moderate, so they created their own game. One day, the alt right will seem too moderate.

  3. Yet now, you can dispense with the juvenile meme and just get to the business. Tell yourself that you don’t give any fuggs becomes the very diversion you are seeking to avoid. Then again, caring (read: giving a fugg in alt-rite speak) about the important things is a strictly unique experience although “we” can come collectively to BELIEVE in a shared number of fundamentally important things to which “we” may give fanatical fuggs about.

    So now you see the hook.

    You are supposed to give some fuggs.

    And you are not to give a fugg.

    So twitchizzit?

      • EK

        “Zero fuggs given” is the explicit extrapolation of the alt-rite mode of indifference…


        This extreme indifference is merely a type of “radical autonomy.”

        You say, “Wait though, this author isn’t telling me to care about nothing, he is telling to care about something.”

        Yet, therein lies the dilemma causing an extreme indifference.

        What to care about versus what not to care about?

        This is the important question left unanswered in the confusion that is “not giving a fugg” versus “giving a fugg about this or that.

        The only thing wrong about caring for a broken white female is not caring at all.

        • There’s no contradiction, TD.

          We are creating an in-group and an out-group. Us and them. We don’t care about their values, only our own.

          Does the system care about WN values? Nope – not a fuck was given. It’s payback. It is a psychological mechanism.

          • Ryu…

            The enemy of white Supremacy is valueless so it was never a matter of caring for their “values” as a reciprocating gesture offered in good faith.

            The simple fact is that if you give zero fuggs about broken white female, you care not for white female AT ALL… And this follows straight from the PUA/game/MGTOW axiom of “no good (white) women.”

            This cannot possibly be the mind of a wS nor even a wn…

            Yet, it doesn’t stop the crypto-charlatans from trying to create that unreal reality.

            “We” aren’t liable to the false value of the “skinny pig.” “We” can state confidently that only fat pig exists.

            White female is broken and “we” give some fuggs about it.

  4. I’ll leave you with a useful category for sorting this kind of person …

    You’ve just had to deal with The Experience Collector.

    Basically this kind of person isn’t really at home in the “Memory Sensorium” that’s inside his or her head, and so he or she seeks experiences that will fill it in because otherwise there’s nothing available to paper the walls and to cover the floors.

    She listened to your stories because they’re postcards she can put on the refrigerator with little magnets she’s collected that say It Was Awesome To Have Been In This Place.

    You gave The Experience Collector some new waypoints to add to the GPS for future navigation.

    When enough stimulus was applied, The Experience Collector took off in the direction of new experiences.

    Some of these people aren’t discerning enough to realise that some experiences are worth avoiding, and so they also collect Bad Experiences such as the heroin addiction you mentioned.

    What she might think of as eventual Good Experiences could be Very Bad Experiences from your perspective, and as a consequence your concern about her cavalier attitude towards birth control is very much warranted.

    When her “Memory Sensorium” is properly decorated, imagine what she could do with a marriage, a house, and some children.

    Love your freedom? You can’t love this kind of woman if you do, because she’ll conspire to turn you into Her Best Experience Ever, no matter whether the process might kill you.

    You didn’t just dodge a bullet — you just dodged a small mercenary group armed with AT4s and Barrett sniper rifles.

    Think of The Experience Collector as a one-person ambush.

  5. For me its not letting someone close enough to cut you. Even if you’re in a relationship with someone, I always have that edge. I only trust myself because I know that I wont fuck myself over in the end.

    I like your paragraph about sacrifice. I see so many entitled assholes who think that women, money, and success will just come falling into their laps. I wrote an article about decision making basically saying that there are two dogs to feed in every situation. One goes hungry when you feed the other. One gets stronger, while the other gets weaker.

    This girl sounds like the type to be avoided. Anyone who is that blatant with their shitty behavior after “finding the truth” is only telling you 10% of the disgusting, fucked up shit they’ve done. People tell you what they want you to hear.

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