What we are up against socially

Here is a list of a majority of problems we face as far as degeneracy of society:

Over 70% of women have tattoos (40% of men) I suspect this number is near 90% for millennials. All those individual butterflies…

Feminism is utterly rampart

College indoc camps are in full swing, promoting a host of degeneracy like LGBQTxxx style acceptance and shaming normalcy

Sex for fun/hoookup culture is still wild

‘Open’ relationships are all the rage right now, typically what this means is a women who is ‘married’ and the guy is ok with being cuckolded due to his social programming and ALMOST ALWAYS the girl can sleep around but the guy doesn’t have anyone else.

Marriage is a failing institution – with gays being allowed, and open relationships that doesnt even get to the problem of adultery.


My recent post about the NAWALT woman as some readers suggested was premature – having talked to her a little, I realize a lot of it was projection.  Having a world traveler girl friend seems cool on paper but it suggests: whimsicalness, flighty, inability to endure ‘unfun’ times.  Plus, as much as I like sex like every guy, I am at the point where hookups hold much less sway on me and if a girl isn’t long-term why am I hanging around with her?



14 thoughts on “What we are up against socially

  1. These problems can be cured inside a year, if a tyrant with sufficient resolve arose.

    One of our illustrious comrades made this suggestion – $100 per mino scalp, paid in cash, no prosecution possible. Like the buffalo, minos would be extinct very fast. It woulc be the best job in the world.

    The days of logic and reason are over. We cannot logic women into avoiding feminism.

    Women are certainly trainable, but your voice has to be louder than the TV, iphone, friends or family. This is hard to achieve, but in certain circumstances…

    The truth, no matter the cost? There were no feminists in this place.

    Interestingly, an FBI agent committed suicide over this case, and another quit the bureau. They didn’t understand the fate of captured women in all wars.

      • There are many things to learn, places even the PUAs won’t go.

        Not one of them covered this case. Not even WNs.

        I don’t believe it was about sex trafficking, not for just 3 weeks. It was a hate crime. Two spic women captured her. To put it properly, two squat, ugly, indian-looking spics kidnap a blonde with blue eyes. Of course they were envious.

        She is of course truly fucked up now. Her liberal husband can’t save her. This is where white men have to be more dangerous. The cops won’t be able to trace them. I predict she’ll get many tattoos and the usual girl power stuff. A divorce is in the future.

        A large part of feminism comes from male weakness. White men allow minos to invade our country and take our stuff. Women reason – if he can’t fight woman, how could he ever fight a man? If white men did what they know they should, women would allow themselves to be more feminine. They defend themselves when we refuse to.

        • I agree with you I think that white men dropped the ball(s) decades ago that got us into this situation. 90% of white guys I see are straight up pussy faggots. Feminism is a reaction to what happens when a race is having a “masculinity crisis” if you will.

          A weak pussy of a man drives a woman insane. A generation of weak pussy men drive the nation insane.

          • How did you come upon this site, Monolith?

            I have looked at your site. You are mostly an MRM, PUA, or MGTOW perhaps.

            It is too late for that stuff. All of them are moving in WN, but they move half-heartedly. They recognized that virtually all of their audience was white men. Being a white man, even a proud white man, is not enough any more.

            We’re going to make America white again by gassing the jews, lynching the niggers, and throwing the spics over the wall. Then enslaving our women.

            Quintus Curtius is black. Jack Donovan is a faggot. How can they hope to lead a white revolutionary movement?

            And who would follow them? No WN I know has a race or homo card. They don’t feel the full risk like we do.

            We need leaders who can take the risk and pull the trigger, operating without state permission or protections. It is a rare type.

          • You know the way it goes. 2 whites kidnapping a negress would have been world-wide news, with a full FBI investigation.

            As it sits, I doubt they’ll ever solve it.

          • How bout a post about what WNs should do when The Purge goes netwide?

            I “would hope” that it would radicalize WNs to realize there is no legal solution.

  2. With genuine free will comes total accountability with those who say it is not so, radical autonomists.

    The game of “any means necessary” versus “any memes necessary” is supplanted by white Supremacy.

  3. It would be quite bold through the mechanism of “virtual reality” to purposely fathom The Land of white Supremacy only to lavish this socially-instructed vision with a liberated Cucklands and The Southern Monopoly.

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