My recent experience with a NAWALT (unironic)

Any of my long time readers know I came redpill out of the anti-feminist/pua movement, I’ve banged my share of girls but in general are very distrustful, and a degree of misogyny given how shitty modern women are.  Imagine my surprise meeting a ‘not all women are like that’ and that’s not being coy.

I was set up on a pseudo date by a friend of a friend sort of thing.  I wasn’t expecting much but we took a walk and I was surprised by how open-minded she was (she’s 22) about some heavy philosophical concepts.  It is extremely important to note that she grew up in a very small town, and after graduating high school LEFT the usa to go travel and scuba dive for money.  Yes, I know the prediction is a hyper lib girl that slept her way across the globe.

The thing that blew my mind was how easy the conversation was.  We shared our stories, her of traveling the world, mine of my own travels and insights into life.  And you know what was so interesting and novel?  SHE LISTENED.  There wasn’t the issue of nearly every modern female who is incredible sophist, vapid and narcissistic.  Where they feel the need to one up legitimate stories with some pathetic story that is neither related nor equivalent in level of epicness.

She showed a DEFERENCE to my experiences, my stories, my wisdom. I really needed this as a reminder to myself that I actually know what the fuck is going on in this world, and having stupid bitches judge me is not an accurate metric of my intellect.

After the walk, she invited me later to dinner at her house.  She cooked a great meal and we had a conversation at the dinner table for 4 hours about philosophy, reality, and things like that.  She was young, didn’t know nearly the stuff I did, but she had an earnestness and a desire to learn.

No, I didn’t bang her, but intellectually it was so fun and novel for once.  I had told her it was refreshing, because a true conversation requires BOTH people to possess a level of humility that they indeed could be wrong (therefore open to a new idea) and a willingness to learn.

Anyway, it was a great conversation/ ‘date’. I think the real take away are there are great girls out there still, really rare, and the fact she escaped the college indoc. camp is especially notable.



20 thoughts on “My recent experience with a NAWALT (unironic)

  1. I would not say that all women are bad.

    …but, systematically, the USA promotes female vices while destroying male virtues.

    There is no individual solution to NAWALT. Even if a man should bring the perfect feminine wife into the USA, move way out into the country, and cut off the TV/net, there would still be danger from the church and her family.

    Take care, comrade. We have seen men who understand NAWALT but still got hoodwinked. The hammer falls when marriage occurs.

    White men will have to collectively decide how to solve this issue of feminism and marraige. In a way, we already are.

    Next time you see her, let her do all the talking. Question her about her family, her father, career prospects, the future, and so on.

      • You want to know all about her and aren’t all that concerned in having her know all about you.

        Know her relationship with her father first. This will give you the best understanding of her degree of anti-racism.

        • Wow, TD can read my mind!

          Yes, if her relationship with daddy was bad, she’ll be damaged and more likely to mix. You want to see if she had a solid family, so that she may be able to create one herself.

          There are a host of WN + PUA connections one could use. We can now figure out how liberal or racist someone is, or will become.

          In addition, a man must retain some mystery. Women don’t want a man they have all figured out. One can understand the future with a good understanding of the present.

          The best police interviewers are great listeners. They can listen for hours on end and are very friendly.

          • Ryu, thats your PUA past speaking the ‘mystery method’ I bet Thor might argue (and I will put forth) that what is wrong with having everything ‘upfront’ and being an immoveable rock?

          • Honesty as the best policy?

            Nope. Deception rules our day, EK. Obama conned the niggers, Trump conned the whites. I too am a conman, but for our side.

            The ruling class of our day is the jews. We must imitate them in order to usurp them. The white ethnostate will be like Israel – you can see it already.

            Recruiting is “boiling the frog.” One has to introduce our ideology very slowly. And remember this – the forbidden has an appeal. Women like forbidden.

            If you should confess to her that you were a racist, in secret, it may be like a kiss. Something you’d only tell her, but no one else. “I really don’t like blacks….”

            I believe that the indirect method, as pioneered by Mystery, is more powerful than the direct way. This is what the CIA, GRU, FSB and Mossad use.

            Why does she travel the world? What does she seek – novelty, new experiences, boredom? Where does she go, and for how long?

            For your own profit, make a profile on her. Age, height, weight, rating, education, motivation, career, family. Reason it out. Figure out why she does what she does. Spy agencies, police interrogaters, infitrators all do this.

          • She does it for fun, and pleasure. I tried to get her to see that it was simply hedonism, but young people, esp girls are not capable of advanced self reflection.

            You read self help books at all? Most of it is trash, but some of the mental reprograming books are pretty impressive.

      • These white females are thirsty for true sustenance. Do not think otherwise and all their pretensions be damned. Yet, you cannot force feed.

        • I have read many self-help books.

          This used to be a major portion of PUA – reading books, study and taking notes on movies. There has been a degradation since 2004 or so, when all the founders got greedy or left.

          What self-help books have you like best?

          I found Carlos Castenada’s books, and Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior very worthwhile.

          • ‘Feeling good’ was a book that really saved my ass from depression once, and reading ‘sutble art of not giving a fuck’ which despite the cheeky title is prety good.

  2. EK…

    Whatever it is that is your aim with this female — mentor, confidante, lover, husband — it must cohere with the rest of yours and hers already established personal spheres. Short of this, you are introducing chaotic and dysfunctional effect into your life.

    Taking care of one’s father at the age of twenty-two CAN be both edifying and very caustic to this girl. But more than likely, it is a roller-coaster of both emotions dependent upon how strong and how responsible is her father/daughter relationship?

    • You know TD, I actually thought about your earlier point today.
      Despite my inital enthusiasm I am seeing a truth that as much as it seems cool to have a ‘world traveler’ girl friend, she isn’t any smarter than me, isn’t any more self-reflective, and the traveling in general suggests a level of hedonism- seeking that is detertrimental to long term sanity or relationships.

      • EK…

        Don’t ever work to minimize your autonomy based on a stunted meme.

        There is “travel” and there is exercising your moral autonomy abroad and immersing yourself in an alien environment for the purpose of adversified regeneration.

        That most “white” females (and “white” males) “travel” in order to diversify their degeneracy is the general conclusion per a radically autonomous society, but individually, you are required to know for sure. The presumption is debilitating even if the assumption turns out to be true.

        You can still plant seed… In the warm womb of her nascent mind.

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