A quick history lesson of propaganda

(((Edward Bernays))) – a man who you likely have never heard of but contributed his fair jewish share to the downfall of western civilization literally wrote the book on propaganda.  His book ‘Propaganda’ in 1928 has a quote that sums things up nicely:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind”

(((Bernay))) is also the same person who helps get millions of Americans to fight against their German brothers in WW1 under his slogan ‘Making the world safe for democracy’

He was nephew to (((Sigmund Freud))) who prescribed all manners of things to sexual repressions and that anyone who dislikes (((YKW))) as suffering from lack of sex.

An interesting book I came across was an old one called ‘Ideology and Utopia’ which basically proclaims that it is foolish to look for a utopia and outright on the back of the book criticisms ‘The Decline of Western Civilization’, it was written by (((Karl Mannheim))) and interestingly enough on the bio talks about how he was part of the Frankfurt Institute until the mean Hitler came to power and he had to leave.

The Frankfurt Institute which I hope you know, but in case you don’t was a HEAVILY (((YKW))) institute that was concerned with how to spread cultural marxism to the populace.  They got booted out of Europe and came to America where they set up shop in ivy league schools like Columbia University.  Here is a short good read. http://www.returnofkings.com/90815/how-the-cultural-marxists-of-the-frankfurt-school-subverted-education

That is enough for today, most can only take things in small doses.

The Strange anti-Israel turn

The recent turn against Israel has been interesting.  On paper I am glad to see it but am hesistant that is it all some ploy.

Let’s list some facts:

Obama is a major globalist

Israel wants globalism for all, nationalism for itself

Obama helps arm Iran – Israels enemy

UN Decides to condemn Israel for its settlements in Palenstine

Kerry gives an hour long speech bashing Israel

Trump has major, MAJOR jew ties, including family marrying them, and openly supports them, esp per-election at AIPAC

Ok…so I will be honest and I not sure what the game here is.  I am glad to see any anti-israel rhetoric at all, given the multitude of crimes they have done, perhaps the USS Liberty story we don’t hear about might give you a reminder: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/ussliberty.html

The only thing I think, is that they are paying some lip service to condemning them, and not having any plan to actually do anything.  Plus there is the tried and true Hegelian dialect which they always love to jerk us around with.  Have Obama/kerry ‘hate’ israel so that trumps love of them seems ‘reasonable’.

Btw, it bears repeating the Trump was and is a HUGE Jew/israel supporter so don’t expect too much actually out of him, the best we can hope for it simply charge the base so a real hero emerges.

Movie previews – more man bashing and race mixing

I rarely watch main stream tv other than when it is on at someplace I am at.  I saw the holiday movie previews and shook my head at how blatant the propaganda is – but remember the virtue of propaganda is that people don’t know its happening.

Most of my readers are out of the loop enough they can see this stuff without falling for it, but you have to remember the average person CAN NOT they have be inculcated to believe race mixing is good, blacks are just as smart and so on.

So as far as the movies went nearly EVERY one had a black lead, or if it was a white person they were outnumbered by black supporting characters.

Here are a few other big takeaways:

“takes a man to raise a man” to which an angry looking woman chirps back “I dont think so!” to which we are supposed to believe.

Next up was some some space program saved by blacks, I am not even joking.  They say based on a true story during the 60/70s somehow the blacks single-handedly saved the space program for us. Given their general tendency of understanding astro-physics (ie none) I suspect this is a massive leeway of the truth.

Next is some intercity black story about a kid of how hard he has it and how he triumphs due to good black parenting to make it in life.

A few more of this trash, and it goes back to the announcers where the faggot white guys try to out un-racist each other “you know I saw manchester by the sea and it just really blew me away how great it was!”

Loneliness is a virtue

Very few people know what loneliness is, I think a majority of my readers actually might more than most.  I don’t mean in a ‘loser’ way but that certainly can suffice.  I am referring to a larger extent of physical or intellectual loneliness.  If you are not watching the lastest shows, that puts you in the ‘weird’ came pretty fast.

Most modern shows are jokes, slapstick, toilet humor that is literally stupefying, yet 90% of people watch this shit.  That or sports.

Reading books puts you in rarefied company as well.

But, I think this generation more than most men must learn to deal with TRUE loneliness.  Girls have been destroyed by feminism, they are not interested in having families, and sex has been reduced to a commodity.  When girls can rack up 10, 20, 50 partners and its no big deal (on a dating site okc, there is a question ‘if you partner has 14 sexual partners, this sounds? And almost every girl writes ‘normal’)  NORMAL.  Normal that some bitch has taken 14+ cocks straight into her womb, only staving off pregnancy due to pills.

How can a girl like this EVER be loyal?  They can’t.  Guys are driven by logic and duty, it is much more normal to assume they can rack up kills (still not a good idea) and realize they need to commit to this family, whereas a girl ‘oh he doesnt make me FEEL GOOD anymore!’

The sad thing is, most girls are not capable of conversation, loyalty, or much of anything beyond sex anymore.  It is a vicious circle of using tthem for the only thing they are good for, and it only leaves them worse.

A man who has any drive, any talent is going to be alone for the most part.  It is not a joke to say I consider some of my major readers and commenters my ‘friends’ like Ryu, Thor, monolith, TAnon because of an intellectual rarity that is so often absent ‘in real life’.

It sucks to be alone, but even when I have been with girls, its distant, like a drug.  They don’t really understand anything.  They can’t.  When it comes down to it, we are alone in our mind and our heart.  That is a reality so many people do not understand.  You have to live in the darkness for a while to understand this.

Not giving a fuck allows you to focus on what matters

I am plowing through a book called ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’ and despite the cheeky title and the pretty abysmal first chapter of him throwing ‘fuck’ around tons, it actually gets pretty good, it talks about how our current society is in this massive nihilistic depression because we all think we ‘should’ be happy and see everyone else happy.

It is a pretty interesting book because he talks about how we need to pick virtues and goals to live by and something like ‘I want to be happy’ is a recipe for disaster because we CANNOT be happy all the time.  This is like the NAWALT girl I doted on a bit a few days ago (she left to go travel, I see how AWALT she actually was, a girl who sopism did not allow her to realize the consequence of her actions).

I tried talking to AWALT girl about how you can’t chase happiness as the goal of life, she was legitimately confused why this couldn’t be the case.  That was strike one.  Strike two was later when she mentioned she had to take her birth control pills for her bf, strike 3 came not much after when she admitted she was a heroin addict before she saw the light.

Anyway, so we only have a set number ‘of fucks to give’ a day, and when we spend them on stupid shit – namely what people think, what we ‘should’ do, if that girl is going to text etc that is less thing we can spend on stuff that should matter.  Often I waste WAY too much time with dumb bitching texting or not texting me.  This is time and brain power not devoted to writing, thinking or anything else important.

The main thing in the book is to think about what SACRIFICE we are willing to endure, not the goal.  Everyone wants a fancy car, a trip to the beach, but what is the sacrifice we are willing to pay?  Working 5 years straight at a shitty job?  Or with love, are we able to endure endless fucking games/heartbreak and lonely nights for love?

I am reminded of a bodybuilding quote ‘Everyone wants to be strong, no one wants to lift heavy weight’.  Like AWALT girl if I worked out only because ‘it was fun’ I would have left a long time ago.  There has to be virtue in our life that makes our decisions NOT based on if we feel good, or if it ‘makes us happy’.  Life is not something where happiness is a normal state.

What we are up against socially

Here is a list of a majority of problems we face as far as degeneracy of society:

Over 70% of women have tattoos (40% of men) I suspect this number is near 90% for millennials. All those individual butterflies…

Feminism is utterly rampart

College indoc camps are in full swing, promoting a host of degeneracy like LGBQTxxx style acceptance and shaming normalcy

Sex for fun/hoookup culture is still wild

‘Open’ relationships are all the rage right now, typically what this means is a women who is ‘married’ and the guy is ok with being cuckolded due to his social programming and ALMOST ALWAYS the girl can sleep around but the guy doesn’t have anyone else.

Marriage is a failing institution – with gays being allowed, and open relationships that doesnt even get to the problem of adultery.


My recent post about the NAWALT woman as some readers suggested was premature – having talked to her a little, I realize a lot of it was projection.  Having a world traveler girl friend seems cool on paper but it suggests: whimsicalness, flighty, inability to endure ‘unfun’ times.  Plus, as much as I like sex like every guy, I am at the point where hookups hold much less sway on me and if a girl isn’t long-term why am I hanging around with her?


My recent experience with a NAWALT (unironic)

Any of my long time readers know I came redpill out of the anti-feminist/pua movement, I’ve banged my share of girls but in general are very distrustful, and a degree of misogyny given how shitty modern women are.  Imagine my surprise meeting a ‘not all women are like that’ and that’s not being coy.

I was set up on a pseudo date by a friend of a friend sort of thing.  I wasn’t expecting much but we took a walk and I was surprised by how open-minded she was (she’s 22) about some heavy philosophical concepts.  It is extremely important to note that she grew up in a very small town, and after graduating high school LEFT the usa to go travel and scuba dive for money.  Yes, I know the prediction is a hyper lib girl that slept her way across the globe.

The thing that blew my mind was how easy the conversation was.  We shared our stories, her of traveling the world, mine of my own travels and insights into life.  And you know what was so interesting and novel?  SHE LISTENED.  There wasn’t the issue of nearly every modern female who is incredible sophist, vapid and narcissistic.  Where they feel the need to one up legitimate stories with some pathetic story that is neither related nor equivalent in level of epicness.

She showed a DEFERENCE to my experiences, my stories, my wisdom. I really needed this as a reminder to myself that I actually know what the fuck is going on in this world, and having stupid bitches judge me is not an accurate metric of my intellect.

After the walk, she invited me later to dinner at her house.  She cooked a great meal and we had a conversation at the dinner table for 4 hours about philosophy, reality, and things like that.  She was young, didn’t know nearly the stuff I did, but she had an earnestness and a desire to learn.

No, I didn’t bang her, but intellectually it was so fun and novel for once.  I had told her it was refreshing, because a true conversation requires BOTH people to possess a level of humility that they indeed could be wrong (therefore open to a new idea) and a willingness to learn.

Anyway, it was a great conversation/ ‘date’. I think the real take away are there are great girls out there still, really rare, and the fact she escaped the college indoc. camp is especially notable.