At this point its pretty obvious Trump is only a shyster

I liked Trump way back when he was talking about building walls – a dream so distant it seems.  Now a days, he is busy putting in establishment republicans.  The lastest is Elaine Chao – don’t recongize the name?  Its mitch mcconell’s wife – which as an aside what a joke she didn’t take his last name.  SO many ‘liberated’ women do this, and its literally 1 step away from being cheated, cuckolded, or basicly just being a bitch your whole life.

His team is packed with insiders as much as we’d expect out of Killary.

Of course when he was just free wheeling racist a year ago he was legit, but ever since he gave a speech at AIPAC I was really concerned.  Then I found out half his family has married jews.  So our choice for the election was someone funded by the jews, or in trump’s case someone friendly/beholden to them.

The last straw was finding out Trump is good friend with (((Henry Kissinger))) and Henry recently said we shouldn’t expect trump to keep his campaign promises, and there was little point to.

If Trump picks that hyper faggot romney for SoS we know it wont be different than if Killary got in there.


7 thoughts on “At this point its pretty obvious Trump is only a shyster

  1. Chao? Is she a gook?

    Yes, it seems that the white man is falling back asleep. He’s had his final victory over the liberals, and now he wants to get back to football season.

    Trumpy is a New York elite. Nobody from New York, and virtually none of the rich, are strong enough to do what WNs want.

    WNs want a dictator, not a president. Freedom and liberty are dead. Only a few libertarians still use the word. But it is not to be feared, for life in a WN dictatorship will be more free than life in Capitalist Murka.

  2. All white Supremacists should train their minds for the ultimate betrayal ONLY if for the purpose of grasping hold of real loyalty.

    The genuine wS KNOWS the alt-RITE to be just another collective of radical “white” male liberationists. Trump won by “any memes necessary” and this truly prophetable for those in the business of memetic manipulation of the masses.

    Psychologically, Trump is weakest WHERE ALL the “elite” are weakest..

    In their desire for sexual degeneracy and the possession of deep anti-(white) Supremacist ethos.

    The aim is “default elite.”

    • Hey Thor, whats your view on sexuality? Should sex be refrained from in almost all circumstances – even marriage?

      I am loosely coming to that conclusion – more abstinence = better thought process

      • EK…

        In the minimum will be the demise of those who “preach” radical sexual autonomy as Good.

        Regenerate sexuality is the only sexuality… All other “sexualities” being pathological degeneracies AS reality provides “us” innumerable examples from last and present.

        The “sexual revolution” IS A SEXUAL ASSAULT on the children of the white race.

        This ^^^ is just the initial frame of a nascent wS.

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