The mysterious recount of wisconsin

This is an interesting little story in case you haven’t been following.  Essentially (((Jill Stein))) of the green party has got enough money to force a recount in a few key states of the election.

The ‘grass roots’ raised millions of dollars in a very short period of time, the average was something like TWO GRAND PER MINUTE, of course she is ‘not connected with hillary at all’.

So what does someone from the tribe like (((Jill))) gain from this?  Esp that she once said hillary was more dangerous than trump. The obvious answer of course is that she is funded largely by the Killary krew and where all the mysterious money came in.

This was my theory, and its proving to be correct that now Killary is saying ‘it wasn’t our idea, but we will get on board’.

I once liked the green party, I was a huge environmentalist, and they loosely stood for something, now they are even more extreme than the democrats.  On their politic page they had 10 ‘pillars’ they stood for, nine of them were literal ‘social justice’ for the women ,the blacks, the gays and so on.  Poor environment was only 1 of the ‘green’ party’s pillars.

So, seeing such ties between Killary and one of the tribe isn’t surprising.  No way this is actually turned over, but I could see a ‘evidence of hacknig’ and maybe turn one state over and cause some chaos with ‘illegitimate president’.


4 thoughts on “The mysterious recount of wisconsin

  1. Yeah, STEIN stands out like a sore thumb. Those jews are getting brave.

    It’s not grassroots anything. Average ppl don’t have the $$$ to spend. Only the rich and powerful can raise that money so fast.

    A popular WN once said “Murkan politics is a jewish funhouse.” It’s like a joke now. These are interesting diversions, but the main work of WN remains. There is no political solution.

    Where is your post on Fidel, Comrade?

  2. I don’t see these tactics working, but I put nothing past (((them))). I can see all the sjws, MSM and everyone else saying “SEE TRUMP AND THE RUSSIANS RIGGED THE ELECTION!” Poor hillary never had a chance!

    Whites will retaliate if this happens.

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