The degeneracy of society is far worse than you might think

I live in the mountains of a fly-over state, I rarely make it into proper ‘society’ and feel like Nietzsche’s Zarathustra coming down out of the mountains to the subhumans around me.  I often forget just how stupid, slow-thinking, lack of will/drive and generally uninspiring most people are.  The absolute proliferation of ‘genders’, sex and so on is mindblowing. The fact society is still functioning is much more of a testament to its inertia than any sustaining force it may possess.

I went to a hyper lib college as I have said before, economically they made a good communist out of me, but I could never swallow the soft ‘social’ side of it. I saw weaker men around me, and fucked up feminists that I was susposed to ‘share’ with.  I want to talk about how insane the propaganda is they cranked out of there.

I met a girl who recently graduated out of there.  She was talking on and on about Nietzsche and even had a shirt with him on it.  I love his philosophy and actually pretty versed, when I started asking her about it, it became clear she didn’t actually know much. Further, she claimed she was bi, and that men have to ‘ask’ before kissing, hand holding etc.  She held mutually exclusive posistions such as ‘one night stands are ok’ ‘id be ok with a ONS’ and ‘I need 5 or more dates before I have sex with a guy’.  First and only date.  Oh, she said she was fine with people having genital herpes as well.

Ran across another girl from my college, another winner out of the liberal indoctrination: she is currently married but in an ‘open’ marriage with at least two other guys.  She is currently seeking a man to impregnate her so she can raise it in ‘a non-monogamous environment’.

It is insane to me that this is not some shitty novel or plot, this is real life where girls are utterly brain washed.  Well, and a massive load of faggots that have no problem with guys blasting in their girls.

I need to get up to the north west, hear good things about that area.  The ‘golden years’ of trump (which I have shown skepticism about) are likely to lead to massive faggotry in about 4 to 8 and downhill from there.

Oh, use the word ‘degeneracy’ often, its a great slur for the left.


20 thoughts on “The degeneracy of society is far worse than you might think

  1. Any woman under 25 (post wall) who went to a traditional college is cancer. I’ve witnessed my boss’ daughter become a SJW. Was an OK girl, now full tumblr SJW retard.

    It will take time to save Western women, if we do at all

  2. The error is in believing anything women say. Women are not rational and cannot think, in the way that males understand the word.

    There are entire worlds unexplored by WNs. There are hints all
    around. Here, for instance : reversion to primordial instinct is not so far as we might suspect….

    Women are much more viscious than men are. I admire that in them. There is this scene of magnificent brutality from an Italian movie.

    You must watch this, EK.

    • Women are by nature extremly selfish and sophist, and they are incapable of realizing they are. Thus how fast they act without mercy. Of course it always surprises them when the world turns against them (their sophist mentality excludes this option) but it rarely happens now, thus their worse insticnts come out.

      • Yep. One might call it “the” Satanic WN movie. There are a bevy of connections between racism, Jack London, “Might is Right” and Satanism.

        Here is the whole movie.

        My fav scene was the Nazi / prisoner roleplaying. You may find this hard to believe, but one WN used to have a site something like this, and the jewesses nearly begged to be admitted.

  3. There’s some people who fantasize about the 50’s or some shit but the degeneracy of women was already underway back then. George Lincoln Rockwell’s writings in regards to his first wife are a prime example of this. You don’t go from normal to “open-relationship-my-wife’s-boyfriend” tier shit over night.

    There was a quote that went something along the lines of “a society that elevates its women and bemoans its men is doomed to extinction” but I can’t remember who wrote it. And nowhere in this world are women put on a pedestal and men made fun of more than the int the west. I wanted to say America initially but honestly I doubt Western Europe is any better in this regard.

    Related to this, I remember back when I was a kid in primary school my teacher thought me that on the 8th of march we celebrated mother’s day. I never actually cared enough to realize it until a while ago but nowadays we seem to celebrate woman’s day on the 8th of march. From celebrating women who fulfill their purpose in the order of things to celebrating the vagina for its own sake. Quite the downgrade. And when it comes to praises and such you only hear them about mothers and almost never about fathers. But then again what can you praise about the pacified modern man?

  4. If you submit to a “might makes right” mentality OUTSIDE of the order of white Supremacy THEN you attest to your mother’s right to terminate you at your beginning.

    Ergo, you declare yourself a self-annihilator AND HIDE UNDER the perverted inversion of Might IS right.

    “Might IS right” is a metaphysical claim… A transcending first principle… The Mightiest creates Order.

    Manufacturing chaos is the work of Satan and the ruthless attempt to mirror the Mightiest.

    Aborting high IQ white boys at their beginning and brainwashing a dull “white” mass into embracing this self-annihilation as “might makes right” is the work of the devil.lived.

  5. EK….

    Don’t do yourself a disservice in believing that “white” female sexual degeneracy is not in full symbiotic regression with “white” male sexual degeneracy.

    So the key IS TO NOT GET STUCK in the chicken/egg dilemma as though the only solution was not really an answer to radical sexual autonomy across the board.

    IT DOES NOT MATTER which degeneracy came first… Or which variant is more degenerate AMONGST “white” males and “white” females.

    All that matters is that this sexual degeneracy exists as a perpetuating self-annihilation amongst the white race.

    The answer is white Supremacy… A particularly potent realization of white regeneracy.

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