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TAnon had a pretty good comment that I am reposting here, and going to talk about briefly.  This was in response to me talking about being wary about trump winning:

You’re instincts are right. This isn’t any kind of victory and may very well be the worse outcome simply because it legitimizes the system and makes people think it can be saved and that democracy works. [Indeed.  In retrospect whites ‘losing’ with trump would have likely been much better, now we stay passive for 4 years. Fem/gays coming back in force in 4]

It was all bread and circuses with the jewish media creating this narrative that if Trump wins America will suddenly become fascist and the the alt right took the bait and meme’d themselves into thinking Trump is going to make anything better. “WELL MEME’D GUYS WE WON, NOW BACK TO ANIME AND CUCK PORN”. [Meme, while funny and somewhat effective are solidless, and only work in this world where nothing matters.  Only reason it worked at all, could you imagine this working in say the 80s with no internet and barely tv?]
Just stop for a second and look around you at all the rampant degeneracy, pick one issue and ask yourself “What will Trump do about this / How will Trump fix this?”.
If you live in a black neighborhood, will Trump make it white? If the girls you know are cock carousel sluts, will Trump make them into housewives? If faggots are parading butt naked down the street, will Trump put them into hospices?
The answer is obviously no because even if he wanted to do any of those he can’t because the system is designed in such a way that it prevents any kind of meaningful action. NOTHING will change until the whole system itself is destroyed fully from top to bottom, down to the concepts of “freedom and liberty” and whatever other shazz that America was built on.  [Which feeds into point 1, in so many ways its only worse.  The libs ‘unstoppable ‘ hubris was shattered, but will be back in huge force.  Meanwhile we aren’t building up anything.  Much better to have some ethnostate or something similar we could work towards.]
While I never predicted a Trump victory directly, I did at some point somewhere predict that there’s a good chance we will experience a period of populism and kosher / liberal “nationalism” where some things will just slow down to pacify people and with Brexit and Trump’s victory I think I might have been right. Depending on what he does Trump’s victory may have very well been the event that pushed the chance for any kind of meaningful action outside the spectrum of our lives.  [Back when I was increasingly skeptical, I floated the idea that trump was controlled opposition for the alt right, and possessed no history of actually being a nationalist.  Where is the hero army/marine from iraq that is wounded?  Much more of a belieable story than a billionaire who made money off chinese goods.)


Anyway, yeah as the party fades in the rearview mirror, I look back at what just happened, and its like holy shit, the memes were really funny, but wtf have we done?  I NEVER would have supported criminal hillary, but was this the hegalian dialect in action and we get chump trump?


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  1. This same scenario plays out every time… “We” lose and shall be emboldened to fight… “We” win and are duplicitously pacified by a charlatan…

    KNOWING THIS ^^^ MEMES one has transcended the dominate paradigm…

    But to where and to what end has this transcendence gained him?

    Most can’t explain where they are “at” when they are now able to rise above the fray to glimpse the redundancy.

  2. Of course, we win and really lose has been decimated to cuck despair… And it is true to a large extent. It is cuck despair to feel guilt in victory over the bad and ugly. It’s pathological, in fact. Yet, having this knowledge does not then render a long-term loss by a shrewd charlatan improbable or impossible.

    It only memes President Trump MUST BE PRESSED towards wS.

  3. Worse IS better, EK. We shall learn it well. There is no legal or voting solution to our problems.

    Brexit is in. Trump is in. But….nothing changes.

    Interesting you should mention the 1980s. I believe that was the last time WN truly had a shot, from about 1975-1985. Most of the famous DAAs were around then.

    TD is quite a nationalist. WNs must learn to “think” white supremacism or bust. There is no compromise possible. And now, we have to live with “our hero” who isn’t a WN, in the White House for 4 years.

  4. Mr. Knight

    Heads I win, tails you lose.

    Talk about cynical!

    There are three great crisis facing the West:

    1. Immigration
    2. Debt
    3. The destruction of our social institutions

    So what should we expect from President Trump?

    We should expect that he does something about Immigration (I’ll give it an 80% chance of happening)

    We should hope he does something about the debt (I’ll give it a 50% chance of happening)

    We can hope but not expect too much on the social front (I’ll give it a 10% chance of happening)

    Of course the first two would go towards fixing the third. Further, when I have heard Mr. Trump speak I come away with the feeling he sounds like one of us. Someone who started thinking hey the Left are just people I disagree with to someone who now thinks they are insane and evil.

    Will he give you everything you want? No he won’t

    He won’t even be able to do everything he wants, that’s how the real world works, it’s not a conspiracy or controlled opposition.

    Enjoy the victory, we have all experienced enough defeats!

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog – A Traditional Conservative Future

      • Mr. Knight

        I’ve had this problem at other sites. Now I make sure I’m logged in to my site when I post comments. If you are logged into yours when you post in mine you shouldn’t have any problem.

        Bizarre I know.

        The other option is to send me an email and I can cut and paste it into the post, just let me know what post your writing about.

        uponhopblog (AT)

        Mark Moncrieff
        Upon Hope Blog – A Traditional Conservative Future

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